GarageBand Tutorial Part 1 Drums, Song, and Track menus

This is a GarageBand Tutorial for the app on the iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. Visit my website at for a better learning experience. In this tutorial I teach you how to use the the drums and some of its features. I also go over the options in the song menu and the track menu.


david hill says:

I kind of like my “real drum kit”…….

Mike Tysh says:

you should actually learn how to play what the quantization does.

Edwin Martinez-Vazquez says:

That’s not a star it’s a gear

Selena says:

Omggg THANK YOU! That dangg quantization

AZ Tech says:

That symbol is actually a gear. Not a star

bullamarta says:

its a cog

Yassin Khan says:

Clean the screen please 🙂

Cobra6host says:

This was helpful. Thanks dude.

caitlin field says:

Does it work on the iPad Air

Crazier Cody says:

hes either using an iphone ipad or ipod version. the macbook version is completely different

Jerusala Sala says:

how to buy BCs I don’t have visa card???

fran ferro says:


Hiphopniac MusicKing says:

@TutorialzQuick and all other viewers… I was just wondering, with garageband can you record over Instrumentals you downloaded from the internet and put on your iPhone and using your iPhone to record with? Or only ones you make yourself with the app? please respond.

Tristan7395 says:

That drum beat sounded like “1979” by The Smashing Pumpkins

MrProbez1 says:

Cool tutorial…. The boogers were annoying

Lyric .Preston says:

lol that so funny. It is dirty though!!! I cant stop laughing.

mathmss says:

can you program a beat in patterns like if you were using a vst on a software like Fruity Loops? Playing realtime is pathetic.

Rahimi001 says:

0:40 I can’t believe you actually called that gear at the top right a “star” LOOOL

Giannboy1 says:

I have the iphone 6+ and started to create a song. I laid down drums, then bass. I tapped the curved arrow that points down and my bass track disappeared! Why is that and can I get it back?

Camping Crew says:


GoldSolace says:

i wiped my screen thinking mine was dirty

Cat Nip says:

10-4. ¥

Merin Nakarmi says:

Looks like the tutorials available in the web are only for those who already know how to play real musical instruments. I have never played a drum or a guitar. Is there anything that can help me start with guitar and drum from the very basics ?


DylanLockstar says:

you are a perfect teacher! love how you dont stick on one point for too long! efficient.

Eric-Scott Bloom says:

Can you use the drums with a mouse? I assume not….E

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