History of GarageBand

If you aren’t familiar with GarageBand, it’s essentially Apple’s consumer version of Logic Pro, a professional music-making application. GarageBand is included with every Mac and allows users to record music played with real instruments or virtual instruments, and then edit those sounds into a song. Now you might be thinking, okay that sounds great, by why did Apple make GarageBand in the first place? Was there really that many customers wanting to make music on their Mac? Well, in order to understand why Apple wanted a free music-making app for beginners, you need to understand Apple’s goal for the Macintosh during that time.


asyraf yazid says:

History on Final Cut Pro

Cookie Manboy says:

I use it at school

AsianViolaPlayer says:

does it have oboe or bassoon lessons?

enzmondo says:

Remember when Spotify started allowing indie artists to upload music in their site? Apple could beef up GarageBand for amateurs a bit and then give a little more power for indie artists on Apple Music. So more people could create and upload music to Apple Music. This will significantly expand Apple Music library, users, and creators. Also, this means GarageBand lifespan is lengthened for a bit.

J'KyaJeliseJoyce says:

Why don’t Android’s have GarageBand on play store?

Lars / LGK says:

I love Garageband. One of the reasons why I switched to Mac. ^^

R.a. Wheeler says:

I cut my teeth on using GB in the mid 2000’s nicely and yearly the software got better. But, if your an advance user, not a newbie like I was, GB has it’s place. How many computers could you do many things out of box? At one time Apple really made sense. True, most consumer PCs come with stuff, but most of that stuff is garbage. Usually loaded with trialware, adware.. just junk. The Mac on the other hand came with a whole useful suite and if you didn’t need it such as GB or iPhoto, you could easily uninstall it. But, it didn’t bombard users to upgrade, give time limits or buy anything, and it was free. Apple used to be a very generous company, in 2007 when I bought my Mac pro Quad I received a coupon for Logic, that was a step up from the GB all macs came with. Not only did the coupon entitle me to a cheap copy of Logic, but an upgrade on iLife 2008.

Curtis Smith says:

GODS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon's Tech Channel says:

History of iMovie???

allthingsbgi says:

favorite video so far as I love music!!!

M Bote says:

Can you make a History of iMovie Video?

Lucifer Laveaux says:

GarageBand is the best

shiftman52 says:

Do history of product red

Matheson Steplock says:

I hope Apple does not discontinue it. There is nothing available for free that can compare to everything GarageBand has

Memes n Shet says:

*Garageband more like Garbageband*

(Its a pretty decent software,its just that i’ve been needing to make that joke for a long ass time lol)

Øyvind Svanevik says:

They have also discontinued iPhoto to.

TheSkeleton900 says:

Likes = 911

TobyBoss Official says:

U forgot iPod,then where the music comes from?

Christian Mcmillan says:

Shoutout Logic Pro users that started on GarageBand and fell in love

Doge God says:

99999999 hour-long history of the world

toilet brush says:

iLife… oh how much memory it brings back.
I miss the old apple, Lion was for me the golden release.
Everything was perfect. I loved the theme, the icons, the wallpapers that went bland and flat today

RainbowLianne GT says:

Aye! My favorite music app! Hmm the history of GarageBand? Hmm…gtg watch it. *clicks video*

mark yastion says:

I Love Your Channel

Rio-Joseph Adino says:

sometimes i wonder, is all of this information is correct?

Bryan Chong says:

Is it just me who noticed the subscribe part has changed? Cause’ it no longer says “History of Siri” and has someone’s face as the profile

spooky says:

My class uses GarageBand alot

Ivars Rebhūns says:

Great video! Thank You so much! Love everything Apple and miss good old Steve Jobs days…

Maks Render says:

o i bought garageband in summer 2017

EmperorFaiz says:

I’ve made about 30 simple musics on my iPhone 6 and iPad 2 on spare time. Obviously it’s not intended for pros but I quite like it just for messing around.

James Wittam says:

“this topic was the 3rd place winner of last week’s voting poll” should be replaced with “this topic was the looser of last week’s voting poll”

elon mark says:

History of main stage 3

Noah Neeley says:

Can you explain why apples have cores in them?

ricky v says:

This was a great video about History. Glad, I found it and was able to listen to it. Thank you for compiling this bit of information.

El Taco says:

Logic Pro X next

Squido says:


ARS says:

I have never found much use for GarageBand, but I have definitely have found a TON of use out of iMovie. I’m more of a video person than audio.

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