How I make my music videos!! – Recording on Garageband || Taylor Felt ♡

Hey guys! This is how I record my music by using Garageband! It’s apart of my #VideotipswithTaylor series where I show you how I make my music videos!

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Skeleton Daisies says:

can you show us how to get roblox


Hey taylor! Awsome video but i have a problem i don’t know how to get a background music for my covers please help me out with it make another video about it.i want to open my youtube channel from a year but i dont know how!! how!! to get same background music of the song for my covers.hope you help me and i could start my youtube channel.
Thank you!

PurpleHoodie - Games and More! says:

saw ur roblox.

Heak Eim says:

Could you give me the link to download full version of garageband for windows 10!

Boshing Dubai Channel says:

Good work

cas ly says:

you played? Roblox

Profe de says:

I am learning so I can help my daughter learn…she’s talented and I want to help her showcase her talent. This video, Young Lady, was very helpful.

Nora May says:

Thank you so much

Carlos And Friends says:

When all you say is yeah

Legend voice of india says:

plz advise Garageband is free software. i have started following your videos.

Rafael Toro says:

Hi ! Short, simple and well explained tips like these can help a lot of people ! Thanks =)

Park Merrill says:

who else knew she had ROBLOX and ROBLOX studio?

Ari Carr says:

taylor felt what?

Moyah M says:

Very useful. Thanks a bunch!

Faye Gibou says:

Hi. Which Software were u usin in your Video pls. I want to Record but I don’t know which App or Software

ろおんきごう says:

your video is easy for me to understand how to use garegeband!! thank you!!

Vamsy Mudili says:

Awesome vocals ❤❤❤❤❤❤thank you for your tutorial

bigbang theory says:

plsss.. how to download garageband?

Nenya Allure says:

Hey, I have a question, do you have any license to record and post cover video? I really want to do covers on my channel but I’m worry about been blocked or even worse. Thank you.

Jolly says:


Nora Vahine says:

i want to do the same recording with a karaoke track. I am listening to the track over headphones and sing through built in mic, so the music can’t be picked up via mic. However, when I record my voice over the karaoke version, it always picks up the music in the voice track, too. How do i disable this and get a clean audio?

Faith And hope says:

How do you connect the audio and the image

Zishan Khan says:

Taylor can u plzz tell me how to shoo video like you are doing in this video with using all these music equipment condenser mic ,guitar, audio interface,that it look like i am singing in my studio plzz help and try to under my problem my i m telling 2 say

Davian Moseki says:

you’re hot

Devendra Patil says:

You are beauty with brain I think one day you would be famous like zara Larsson or hallie stenfield. I am getting difficulty in making song like rapper can you help in your next video make video how to sound like Travis scott

Arif Kuyucu says:

Please delete that fucking background music

Wouter Denys says:

But what if I want to record with a nikon camera but the audio (my studiomicrophone) needs to be connected to my video? That’s the problem I have. (I have windows and no garageband)

Faye Gibou says:

Please help me

Tori says:

What piano do you have or that you recommend?

hafez muslim says:

hi miss you are so beautiful and your video is nice too…

Alex Smith says:

I use an analogue instrument, does Garageband support that?

maureen Ohcoiuq says:

Hi question i dont to do piano do u really need to learn all the instruments to do cover???

Yosh YoshLuf says:

This is very helpful, thank you

ColbyChristian says:

THANK YOU!! You’re a great singer! Definitely earned a subscriber here! I was just wondering what mic you use?

Alyssa Ly Mandeville says:

Yeah but whats the name of your microphone? and where to buy it?

Kenneth Fabreag says:

Hi, your’e so Pretty 🙂

Shuffle Nuffle says:


Happy Femke says:

Thank you SO MUCH. This helped me so much!!

Shuffle Nuffle says:

Why is she famous.? She’s good at her work no doubt, but is it just because of her talent or she’s got some show baground?

Jessica says:

great video! also what is roblox and why is everyone talking/making fun about it

Jayson Martinez says:

WOW! Great Video! Very Helpful for me starting my own channel. Can you help me on vocal mixing as my recording lacks something and I don’t have enough idea on those terms (bass, mid treble, compressor etc). Would appreciate if how you do your mixing specially on vocal part

Reversaltation says:


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