How To Create Wonder Woman Theme Song in GarageBand for iPad — Tutorial [4K]

First, watch the Wonder Woman Theme Song Created in GarageBand:
Second: relax, get yourself something to drink and eat, grab your iPad sit with me and let’s do this together.

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Download the GarageBand file:
(unzip the file, put it in your iCloud drive, go to your songs, hit the + sign and select iCloud Drive)

My Cameras:
Sony a6500:
Sony 10-18mm:
Sony 16-70mm:
Sony RX100M5:
Sony RX100M4:
Sony FDR-X3000R: (with live view remote)
Sony FDR-X3000: (no live view remote)
GoPro Hero 5 Black:

Hey! You look beautiful today.
Thank you for watching my video, I hope you enjoyed it.
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Srivatsa MS says:

Thank you for this video…!!!

Demir Şaban says:

Hiç bir şey anlamadım. Teşekkürler.

Rog Valentin says:

wow! that was a roller coaster, Thanks for huge huge huge tip about soloing and exporting/importing and using the fx.

Sweta Sheorayan says:

i cannot download the file which you gave
please explain the process

Zijie Wu says:

It may sounds silly but how or from where you learn all the music knowledge?

JD Bond says:

I’m restarting for the fourth time.

thepixelpusher says:

Wow! You are sooooo talented!

inz says:

This is awesome! You make it look so easy. Hey, what are you using now for a those moving camera shots, it looks so smooth!

Seanthean Sea says:

Iron man garageband please

Voyager Adventurer says:

You are a genius iPhonedo!!!! Thank you!!

A A says:

Brilliant! Very talented!

Sam Geurdi says:

Dude you need a PhD to do what you just did haha

Barry Keaveney says:

Awesome. These new ways to make such music…just awesome.

Akpe ododoru says:

U crazy GENIUS…wow

DGasper88 says:

Mind blown……

Umut F. says:

Çevirmene verin şukusunu ahahah

Stelly Richard says:

Damn, u look like HULK !!! HAHAHA…

DDD9 says:

Is she with you?

FL4RE says:

I upload GarageBand vids on my channel too. Check them out!

Clearly Epic says:

When will you join GarageBand Users Facebook group??? Thousands of members from all over the world to share your videos with! You would be a star! Go check us out!

Logan Tysdal says:

more plz!

Cameron Rahman says:

Witch iPad is that?

Swapneel Ghosh says:

That’s one amazing tutorial. You actually telling the ‘why’ behind the things you do will help people a lot. Thanks man 🙂

Ariana Locks says:

Make Imprerial March

Mehmet YILMAZ says:

Harika ellerine sağlık Dönence yi de yapmalısın mutlaka !

Valsi says:

My hands can’t do that anymore

L G says:

~I hate my life :/~

Jonathan Ramirez says:

Got to your channel first when checking out reviews for my newly acquired Hue Lights, and liked your humor on your reviews (I’ve only seen two or three). But now with this, I’m fckn subscribed man! So gooood!

rocbarnes says:

I watch this video once a week. So inspiring. Thank you. Peace from Augusta, Ga.

sewerside says:

This is amazing, just bumped into your channel thru this video. Thank you for what you’ve been doing. This really inspires me and I’ve got so much to learn from you for using GarageBand to make music.

mdlvx says:

You are a freaking genius… you have a fan, from now on.

carmen says:

Must’ve been a band director…dada bedah dada n’dada dada…my mind just went back to high school band practice.

Le Vitaminsiz says:

This song better than real song 🙂

Kyle Heck says:

I️ think you need to go a little bit slower I️ tried to follow along and was very confused at some points

Spaide man says:


Vicky Hunterland says:

Great video, really cool. One thing, when you did the main guitar bit, could you please do it a bit slower because I couldn’t get it right.

Anindita Gupta says:

You’re so great! By the way, has anyone ever told you that you sound like Dr. Gru (from Despicable Me?) It was so great being instructed by Dr Gru :’)

Vigneshwar S says:

Fabulously simplified……Please do one for “Pirates Of The Caribbean”

Syed Mashood Abidi says:

thanks alot man

Dorkface 101 says:

How do u unzip it?

U.F.B. UpFrontBand says:

Great Job!!! as always!!!!….do you think you could add the theme from HBO’s WESTWORLD to your list of theme songs to tackle next?

raglan765 says:

I’m is a bit cringey

Teknolojik Öğretmen says:

GarageBand bateri dersi istiyorum. imkanı var mı? 😀

Hannan Niyazi says:

Which app do you use for that???

Ethan Carlson says:

Please tell me what size iPad you used in this video!

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