How To Make A Song In Garageband – Full Tutorial

Record your songs in Garageband with an iMac and NO other equipment! All you need is an acoustic guitar & headphones and you can record acoustic songs or rock songs! This video shows you the complete process from start to finish!


Mic Mac says:

Fantastic tutorial! subbed

LOBY TV says:

Thank you so much for this very helpful tutorial!

apachewolfscout says:

Absolutely loved this! Frikin’ brilliant man! Love it! Clear. Understandable, extremely deeply, information filled. Super useful! In short this video is utterly crucial man! You obviously know your …. deep and it shows in every second. Unbelievable to convey so much, so clearly and enjoyably. Quite a journey. Well done man! Well done! One of THE top instructional and inspirational videos in ANY GENRE ever! That’s my opinion! Pat yourself on the back man. Once I download garbage band I’m gonna come back to your video many times I’m sure! Gold Star video! In short, thank you! A mediocre video deserves a mediocre response…a brilliant video deserves to have it’s praises sung. Most people don’t understand either grief or praise; you understand garage band and judging by your opening song, your a pretty fly musician as well….go for it!

Ava says:

28:28 I love how casually this man can just talk after completely rocking out

Jeffrey Cella says:

Great opening and great tutorial! Thank you!

EBVids says:

Hi. Yet another question. On my song I have a guitar track. When it gets near the end of the song I’d like to add some more gain/distortion. Can I change the guitar sound for a segment of the track? One solution is to add another guitar track with more gain/distortion and “swap” to that near the end of the song. But it would be neater I think to alter the segments of the same track?

Douglas Allegar says:



anyone on 2018 here

CascadingGalaxies says:

it’s 2018 and this is still helpful af. Thank you so much

Mick Welsh says:

Great teaching style -not a single wasted moment or useless syllable. Thank you.

Matthew Costa says:

Just wanted to say, the fact that you can set the arrangement in the software is a GODSEND. And you can edit each section of the drums individually. All of this stuff applies to the most recent version of Garageband. Cheers!

Gary Backstrom says:

You rock
Thank you so much
I play lots of different styles
This was so helpful because most people skip the obvious things like snap grid , naming sections , pulling up master track , virtual drummer I completely understand now
I learned more in this video than I’ve learned in many others put together.
Also I never new about clicking alt left to copy
You have saved me so much time and framed so many basics in the easier way to understand. I can’t thank you enough
I’m saving this priceless video
Right now

Craig Jewell says:

One of the most informative tutorials I have found anywhere! Thanks a stack

Victor Best says:

Thanks for this. Just bought an Apple imac and wanting to get into GarageBand but didn’t know where to start. Thanks to this great tutorial I can get started. I have to keep replaying it because it is so helpful and I tend to forget what comes next. So once again many thanks for the time and effort you put into making this tutorial.

Ava says:

sad because this isn’t on spotify 🙁

Haggis 2501 says:

I’ve been looking for a video like this for a while. Excellent job, easy to follow, covered all the bases, kept my attention the entire 40 minutes, whereas some 10 minute ones lose my attention right away.

Ed Brophy says:

This tutorial is GREAT. Thanks a lot!

paul bretherton says:

That song is brilliant. Proper ear worm…

Teck Low says:

Great tutorial. Thanks.

YOUpresent says:

I opened GarageBand for the first time yesterday and was completely bamboozled. Watched this video and learned more in 40 minutes than I did in the whole of last week. Superb video and love the enthusiasm and honesty that comes across from Iggy Brit!

EBVids says:

Question: In a song recorded in a similar way to this tutorial, is it possible to fade up or down part of a track, for example to quieten a guitar track during part of the song? I’m guessing one way is to split off the section and drag it on to a new track. And if I did that, is there any scope for fading that one track up and down? BTW this is a brilliant tutorial. Many thanks!

Dez Dalton says:

I have been using GB 6.5 wasn’t sure if I should upgrade to latest version, but your tutorial is professional and direct to the point. Will I be able to play my GB 6.5 files in the latest GB version? Thanks again for sharing your expertise and knowledge!

Dutchables says:

Thank you! Great tutorial.

Joe Palooka says:

The best introduction video to Garageband I’ve ever seen. Thanks a lot, I’ve looked at other tutorials and they take many long lessons to explain things, or get you to pay for their courses. Anybody who wants to learn Garageband, and then get more sophisticated with their recording, should thoroughly study and master this basic introduction. If I was in England I’d buy you a few pints for doing this, mate!

RSP Productions says:

Outstanding tutorial. EXACTLY what I was looking for. I love how you repeat the steps out loud each time you do them. VERY informative, you don’t talk too fast, or try to be funny, and you don’t banter. You stick right to business and cover just about every angle on this software. Thank you for the effort you put into this.

Shaun buddy says:

This is fantastic! Tyvm! Excellent efficiency!

Ron Ward says:

Dude this is brilliant. Thanks.

Nickole Dougherty says:

Flippin FANTASTIC video!! I was SOOOO lost and intimidated by Garageband, but after watching this video, I feel so much more confident!! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!!

Mark Feldman says:

Awesome tutorial! Finally got me to sit down and use garage band and realize how easy it is! And I like your song too – it reminds me a bit of “Formed a Band” by Art Brut (that’s a compliment!)

Kwangpyo Joo says:

great lesson!

Kape Jarvinen says:

This was just great 5/5

joel padilla says:


Mark Zuckerberg says:

Thank you so much for this ❗️

BenGunns says:

They have Garage band on the new I phone x would i be able to make a similiar song there with the same structure, great video by the way.

At Last Home says:

This is a very informative video! I have been trying to create original music for our blog, and this was a great introduction for me, as I have never used GarageBand before, let alone a mac! Thank you for making this video.

Michael Bravo says:

Thank you for this tutorial! It’s brilliantly done. As others have said .. there is not a wasted moment in these 42 minutes. I recently purchased a mac and have wanted to record on Garage Band for sometime now. It was daunting, but following along with you made it seem a breeze. Many thanks!

EBVids says:

(SOLVED) Hi. Another question: Really enjoying making tracks! I’ve got an annoying problem I can’t solve. I recorded a backing vocal for 8 bars over the chorus. Sounded great. So I copied/dragged to to the next chorus, but there it comes in a smidgeon too early. So I looked at the starting “position” of the backing vocal on the first chorus and it is (which sounds great) but on the 2nd chorus, the copied backing vocal segment has starting position of (sounds just too early). I’ve tried dragging the second chorus but can’t get it to Is there any way to edit this number to make it ? The same problem happened with a guitar solo on another song.

Javier Arenas says:


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