How to Record & Edit a Podcast in Garageband (Complete Tutorial)

In this video, I’ll teach you how to record and edit a podcast in Garageband so that you can create a professional sounding podcast episode.

Garageband is a software that was primarily built to record music for those using a mac computer, however it’s become an easy to use software to create and edit a podcast, too!

In this tutorial, I walk you through all the steps you need to take in order to make this simple, especially moving forward after you get a few episodes under your podcasting belt.

Please note that this is a lesson pulled from my premium podcasting course, Power-up Podcasting (, so if you hear references to other videos or lessons in the course, that’s why they are there.

That said, if you’ve found this video and you have yet to set anything up or plan your podcast, I recommend checking out the 1st video in this playlist (link below) to start your podcasting journey the right way with the latest and most updated material:

Cheers, and good luck on your show!

Note: For PC users, I’d recommend using Audacity. It’s powerful, and free, and if it’s not already linked to within this video, a tutorial from me will be available very soon.


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Jaythajoker says:

Help ! I have a blue snowball . Is it any way I can just get the audio from garage band and attach it to the recording of me from my phone without having to over lay it on iMovie

1Year OfSingle says:

This was a great beginning tutorial – thank you!

LaRee Saunders says:

thank you so much pat, so helpful!!

mohammed alzahrani says:

I just wanted to thank you.

We Make Ideas says:

I searched “how to edit garage band” your video popped up first! GOOD WORK!! – Jase

Jose Lara says:

Great video

Sue Crites says:

Thank you so much for this! I have been trying to figure this out on my own as I record meditations and add music! I was doing it all wrong!

Tyler Sudman says:

What video camera do you use to video podcasts? Also what’s the best way to record 3+ people with all the mic’s and whole set up?

Jennifer Rottmann says:

Thanks Pat! Awesome humming btw 🙂

Breck Graham says:


luhrenloup says:

You should number your podcast videos so one knows which came 1st and how you added to that info on the following vid, etc

Damon Winters says:

Is it possible to use two microphones simultaneously in GarageBand?

Mohammed Nassar says:

that was great, thank you so much

david crespin says:

Thanks Pat.

Jennifer Lopez says:

Hi Pat! This video is so helpful! I do have a question for you. So when I get to the point where I am actually recording, I am not able to see the visual of my voice the way yours is at 8:49. Mine comes out as a straight line. It still plays but I can’t “see” it which makes it tough for editing. What may I be missing here?

Brad Lehl says:

Thank you! Really well done. Thankfully there are people out there like you making up for Apple’s increasing disregard for simplicity and “just work”.

theinsuranceguy101 says:

Good Intro Video. Thanks Pat!

Eric Nattawut says:

great to finally get here, thxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Eugeniu Prodan says:

Thanks a lot for the video, Pat! Can you help me figure out an issue I’m having while recording? I have a Focusite 2i2 audio interface and a Shure SM 58 mic. When I go to GarageBand and try to record on Mono (1 circle), the sound is very low. When I record on Stereo (2 circles), it sounds much better, like it should be. Why doesn’t it work for Mono the same way? Thanks in advance!

Gambitshot Shadow says:

Hey Pat, I’m trying to adjust the wave scale for the height of the audio wave, but I haven’t been able to find the tools to do that. Any ideas?

Maria Zambrano Guruchanan Kaur says:

These videos are amazing !!!!

Stephanie Acker says:

Super easy tutorial, but how do I set up to have two hosts? We are using two mics connected to garageband and in the same room!

Lois Bromfield says:

How can I add original music as my intro and outro for my podcast ?

Genevieve Spicer says:

Excellent tutorial. So clear and informative. Bravo!

Running in the Palmetto with Colby Coulter says:

How do you download this file where you can post and send it?

Great video!

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