How To Remake Mask Off By Future in GarageBand (Tutorial)

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In this video I will show you how to remake the instrumental of Mask Off By Future (produced by Metro Boomin) inside of GarageBand.
This video was inspired by Immamusicmogul.

Thank You very much for watching and feel free to give me feedback and suggestion.

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Jake Sherrington says:

reported for swearing

Young Sriracha181 says:

What’s the difference between Logic Pro and GarageBand??

Ram Greywall says:

I can’t seem to get my regions to blend the way you have and i also wasnt able to find the “follow tempo and pitch” option on my version. maybe thats the reason the second region starts after a couple seconds of silence? It isnt flowing from 1-2 like yours and Im stuck 🙁

sammo2909 says:

My Trap Door isn’t the same as yours and its frustrating me – i have found the sound itself but it doesn’t sound the same. Even when I octave up and down. Ive just updated to the new GarageBand too. Any ideas? Its more of a lower, quick ting than what yours sounds like.

Papi Chulo says:

Fuck future that foo stoled king lil g’s beats.

Will Krug says:

where can you get sample ?

adsan1280 says:

do you know how to change from orange to blue on a mac?

Ryan Pandori says:


Ace Gaming says:

what does he mean when he says import sample? like what is that were did he get it from

Braden Peterson says:

Great tutorial, keep doing what you’re doing.

Basmala Mahmoud says:

How woah so good and talented it sound very good and the same bro

Schwarzes Feuer says:

Du hörst dich an wie ein Stück scheiße

ZackTheLegend says:

The clap is going to be of every turd beat

ImSoFreezy says:

Screen recorder name?

sten vank says:

how do you convert it, I can’t understand it

Will Krug says:

website dont work

adam wright says:

Great tutorial but I found the tempo being at 156 to work a little better!

Nick Jones says:

You’re honestly unintentionally hilarious lol. I like the way you say certain shit.

Ice SAVAGE says:

Can i use ipad for that

Dj Candy says:

Great video! How do you open the drum keyboard? I`m new at this haha

Sebby 2311 says:

Love it! This helps a lot!

Jackson Gundlach says:

How do you get the sample

Andres Pates says:

You are awesome!

Nigga Faggot says:

16:59 what happened to the screen?

Jason says:

Damn that shit was wet keep it up

The Best Samaan says:

Thanks for the tutorial, very helpful,

cinnichurro says:

I cant get a clean project like yours, it makes me select a track and makes the screen a mess

Ryan Ramirez says:

I need your help in getting attention on my YouTube channel, I think I make some pretty dope beats let me know if you like the video and be sure to subscribe

Erik Ardovino says:

i was wondering how to change the pitch of a recorded sound that i have and assign it to a piano keyboard so that when i click C4 for example it will make that sound in the pitch of C4

Hunter Donnelly says:

At 6:23 when you clicked on the electronic drum kit where exactly did you find it? Is it with another package you have to download for GarageBand because I cannot find it? Can you tell me how to get it

Ivan McGhee says:

That’s frickin awesome

DUE Magazine says:

you are the best

Trevaughn Dixon says:

how do I get samples onto Garageband?

Kaleb Aymond says:

We gonna put on a bitch shifter

GarageBand 101 says:

The final version is at 16:58

Nick Haverlock says:

Pronounce “th” plz

Saiko H2X500 Music Professor says:

Bitch Shifter

Zia's Huuuhhh says:

link to the tommy original download link?

lilpump70 says:

“Oh sh!t haha” lol

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