How To Use AUTOTUNE RIGHT (Garageband Tutorial) | In Studio Vlog

An in studio vlog & tutorial about how to use autotune in Garageband (and any program) the right way. Most young and new music artists in present time love to record their raps and singing to their music production with autotune features set to the maximum levels and completely ignoring how to actually set up the pitch correction feature so that it brings the best results in whatever music production program they use. In this studio vlog, I give step by step instructions, examples of how autotune and pitch correction ACTUALLY works, how it should be used, and a bit of the history of autotune from the invention of the talkbox to the vocoder. I get messages everyday from producers, singers, and upcoming engineers who ask me to listen to their music and a lot of what I hear is improper use of the autotune pitch correction in Garageband. So I thought this would be a perfect video to make to show truly how you’re supposed to create music with such a tool. I hope this helps all of you out there using any program but especially those who love the Garageband videos!

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Camera Gear Used:
Sony A7S ii:
Sony a6500:
Sony Grip –
Sigma 18-35mm 1.8:
Sigma MC-11 –
Sony FE 28mm f/2:
Sony 18-105mm f/4 G:
Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95:
Canon 85mm 1.8:
Snapchat Spectacles:
Rode VideoMic Condenser Mic:
iPhone 7 Plus (w/ Filmic Pro):

Music Made With:
Macbook Pro 13 –
NI Maschine MK3:
NI Maschine Mikro MK2:
Novation Launchkey 49:
Akai MPK Mini:
Komplete 11:
Beats By Dre Studio:
Rokit KRK 5 Monitors:
Focusrite Scarlett Solo:
Lacie 1TB Thunderbolt HDD:
Seagate 4TB HDD:
Blue Microphones Bluebird:

Graded with Color Finale Pro in FCPX
Edited in Final Cut Pro X

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Kyngmuzik876 says:

link up bro

Suzy B Music says:

Thank you, you explain things so clearly. I record my songs and mix in Garageband. Up until recently, I just get by with the basic knowledge I have learnt. However, I want to add Delay on just a part of a track, BUT, ALL my tracks have it on?? HELP!!

Sick Methodz says:

Video is very helpful man , THANK YOU!

JMissy 205 says:

There aren’t many tutorials on garageband and if anyone is clicking on his videos eventually need help with garageband. If you got something to say then leave or go to another video or better yet you upload better footage!!!!

davis motomiya says:

This video shouldn’t have ANY type of dislikes. Dude really knew his stuff!!

~King Vazay~ says:

g minor ounded actually good 😀

Mike O’Rourke says:

shout out to you for the timestamp jumps lol

copacetic says:

Thanks for the vid! So what do you do if you have a few notes in a different key? Can you switch the pitch correction key for that particular note? Or are you just SOL?

J Mac says:

Glad this is a GarageBand tutorial video and not a pro tools or logic vid. Thanks.

B Burton says:

You’re not using auto tune right either

Nap Lam Official says:

Thanks Braaa !

pablo chicot says:


BLANK says:

Made this in GarageBand

Cougar and Cub says:

my garage band doesnt look the same as yours…i am using it on my ipad…is that why?

TFGBeatz says:

This Song is amazing, when are you going to release it?

AB BABY says:

Damn bro this helped out especially with that key website, I use GarageBand as well, check my music out !

Kyngmuzik876 says:

Email me so we can talk…..

jacqui brookes says:

Nice vocal sound

booshay44_ booshay44_ says:

I thank God for you !!! You’re amazing bro thank you for the info and embrace the fact that garage band is ok so many people talk bad about Garage band but pro tools and all that other stuff is to complicated to the point where it’s stressful not even fun recording

Gustavo GQCALI says:

Let’s collab!!

Bryant Clayton says:

Man your comments hint at a pragmatism that is essential for making great art and It encouraged me. Like you, I’ve made almost the entirety of my first full length album on GarageBand using a focusrite interface, 250 dollar microphone, and a m audio midi keyboard. From the instrumentation, vocal production, to the mixing, you can achieve a professional sound on that software for desk top. I have tracks on tracks to prove it. The only reason why I would aspire for Logic and use it for the final recording of instruments is because of the plethora of plugins available GarageBand doesn’t have. What people don’t realize is that when you are forced to work with simple tools, craftsmanship should take over to become resourceful and creative with sounds. Would love to collaborate with you in the future. Could talk about this all day.

HANHGOTTI Beats says:

Yo this dude using GarageBand. Lmao get logic my guy. Better work flow.

JMissy 205 says:

I use garageband. I love it. The only difference is the plugin people use. They all do the same thing.

Jimmy Red says:

I used b minor sometime

onlyjohnpymgg says:

The talk box , vocoder and autotune are three different things with different three unique sounds. Where autotune is pitch correction the vocoder is a vocal effect . Also there is not a wong way to use anything . Its all about how you want to use it . Music is a artform not a complete science, to say so is disrespectful to the creativity behind what peopleare choosing to do . I know what you are tryong to say but some of the key elements are just wrong. And Em is E minor which is why there is a small “m”

Tùng Sydney says:

1:59 his name?

Stormy Stori says:

Thanks for your help!!! This is what I made with your teachings 🙂

MGAUS Lexo says:

What if the track is in a different scale, like a diminished or augmented scale? GarageBand doesn’t have a way around that.

Denny Michael says:

Thank You! very helpful!!

Vigilante Salazar says:

…or you can simply download the Voloco app and everything is really easy. The hard part can be finding the key but that’s not hard either.

carlos max says:

brav, great inspiring tutorials, in fact i just downloaded garageband and i have no clue about any recording softwares and i want to learn how to record myself, write my own song on my own beats, because I’m passionate about it and studio time is expensive for me. All i’m asking is a favor of a complete beginner guide to garageband.

Soli nyuyki says:

I got it but do you just sent the beat to website??

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