How to Use GarageBand on Mac

This is a GarageBand tutorial for beginners. I walk you through how to start using GarageBand on your iMac and start recording and creating audio.


nyborg films says:

what if i dont have a mac?

Stuart says:


Anton Echauz says:

garig band

Wago Howard says:

At least change title…. Audio interface how to use GB… This doesn’t work if you just use your internal mic or even an iris device… JSayin

Samal Nauhria says:

Great Video

lermakia000 says:


Ehito Kimura says:


Misselinder says:

Helped me a lot thanks!

Kahar Barat says:

Can we change default staff five-line to different lines and spaces to begin with?

William Murray says:


TBoy says:

whats a tempo? whats a timestamp or whatever? i wanna make a techno song and theyre not letting me just drag the notes i want to use. is this a bug? should i reinstall it?

Giselle Heart says:

Thanks…….great intro…..definitely subscribed!!

gabeft95 says:

I’m not impressed by this tutorial Mike, not at all – Get your act together

Jon Vincent says:

The slider on the track is NOT the recording volume it’s the playback volume. You can access the recording volume through your computer’s audio preferences or through the track’s smart controls.

BlackDahlia US says:

please continue these kinda videos! appreciate the help (:

Kabal Callander says:

thanks bro

Blaze Watson says:

Change your title to how to record audio in garage band, not how to use garage band in general.

MRofnoobs says:

You are fascinatingly interesting to listen to whilst on 2-cb

Assem Q says:

i like your sound , sir ^_^)
thank you so much for all the help

stevebath1 says:

Hi Mike, how many videos have you created ? Thanks

L. Harrison says:

I desperately apologize for all the meatheads that commented on your accent… unfortunates. they r related to D J rump, USA’s russian collaborating illegitimate POTUS (currently under criminal investigation)

Zoinks Media says:


N8FX says:

I desperatly stopped watching because you called it gar ig band

Austyn Brown says:

Gare ij band

Ignite Music Project says:

Great video! Garageband is a pretty incredible piece of software especially when you realize that it’s free! I just did a video talking about Garageband on my channel as well!

L. Harrison says:

thanks for this info. Great starter video , & I happen to like Scottish accents!
Wish folks would provide actual feedback, not just Trolls disrespecting you & your post.

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