How to use Live Loops and Tracks view in GarageBand iOS? (iPad/iPhone)

How to use Live Loops and Tracks view in GarageBand iOS? (iPad/iPhone).

If you have ever wondered what the two different views in GarageBand iPad and GarageBand iPhone are all about, how to use them, and how to switch between them, then this video is for you.

In this video, I take you through a beginner’s guide to creating a new song in GarageBand using Tracks view and Live Loops view, and how to also use both views for even more flexible music creation.

Live Loops is a “DJ” style creation mode, which uses a grid of loops and samples which can be triggered by tapping them in real time, which is where the name “Live Loops” comes from.

Track view is the more traditional “DAW” (Digital Audio Workstation) style view where you can see all your tracks laid out and can record and edit each track.

GarageBand iOS gives you the ability to use both modes together to create some very cool beats, sounds and songs right on your iPad or iPhone.

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Michael Ryan says:

Well done Pete that’s a big help, thank you

Dawn Williams says:

Hey! Having fun playing with grid view and loops on the iPad. This question is a little OT, I suppose, but were is grid view on the Mac. I was hoping to have some fun and learn a few things on the iPad, then dive into Garageband on my Mac, but it seems that this view/function is completely unavailable in the Mac version. Any thoughts or info?

Ponk 80 says:

If you want your tracks from the track view to be in the live loops, you can tap what you recorded and tap copy, and then tap on a blank square in live loops and paste it as a new track in live loops

TopEdits says:

Whenever I’m making a song, it keeps repeating section a and not moving on to section b. How do i fix this?

Todd Laskowicz says:

man, i love live loops! its a cool new way to try stuff.

Jon Lochert says:

your videos are so great clear and helpful. thank you!!

Qinram says:

Track view is missing. Instead I get a grid formation. Wtf

lewietheville says:

Ok I listen to a live loops and liked them very much but don’t want to use them only because i feel I’m cheating myself by not creating my own sound maybe for some hi hats lol but that’s it but I’m asking some of the loops have really nice sounds I would like to take out and use individually only problem is they play to close in proximity to another sound to where I can’t chop it out and take it to a sampler is there away to lay out each single sound

Spicy Gamer121 says:

Thank you!

Dazie Fernandes says:

Love your tutorials

george hdz says:

Grate Video Pete! Looking forward for the live loops full tutorial

Pete Johns says:

New to GarageBand? Check out my “GarageBand Quick Jams” series here –

Tim Stagray says:

I liked this video Pete. If you do some videos on this I think it would be great! I’ve goofed around with this only a little bit. I figured it could work well for song ideas/inspiration. The problem I couldn’t figure out is that the riffs that come out could work for the verse but what about the chord changes for a chorus part. Thanks for all the videos you put out I always watch them all! I remember commenting to you a long time ago when I found your channel how happy I was that I found somebody who was using and teaching about GarageBand for iPad. Thanks!!!

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