Learn to Play “Believer” on GarageBand

In this video we’ll learn how to program the basic drum beat for Believer on an iPad using GarageBand. We finish up in about five minutes and then I get a bit silly and program the guitar part. This video is part of the Rock Friday Curriculum. – Don’t forget to vote for the next song tutorial!


Shishir Karnik says:

You sound like hiccup! From ‘How to train your dragon.’

Ruby Wriggles says:

Garage b
Garage ba
Garage ban
Garage band
Garage ban
Garage ba
Garage b

MMMChazburgrz 99 says:

it sounds like gravity falls or something

Gurlyish But Emo says:

Watched this whole thing thinking it was Believer from Twenty One Pilots. Please add the author from it?

DreamNC says:

*oh mah gash, you’re, smErT*

Mara Sharpe says:

Omg would he stop talking he is so annoying

Berti Nagy says:

what app are you using?

Yannis Six says:

I see this video and 666 k

Hailey Daily says:

if your garage band doesn’t have hammered mallets i recommend using aurora over iceland

Steel Spear says:

That was 5`% of the song………….

Broce Andriane says:

Gravity falls dud

Jeff Jr. The Wolfie says:

I used this app for a project in music class

Niurka Calvache says:


keith williams says:

It dusint sands like it

hoje.doje. ritual says:


SniperKiller 1090 says:

Cat piano

ain2007 2007 says:

What this app??

MacTdm says:

Fuck this Garage Band shit, Fruity Loops forever!

Rumman Naser says:

Is it invisible – vibe tracks?

Army X Blink says:

When you get excited because you are learning the violin but garage band took your place

Ricky Alvarado says:

The way I say it is “ 1,2,3,four-la-le” at least that’s how my band director tells me

Jake Stegall says:

I think the part you asked about sounded like putting on the ritz by taco.

Andrew Nilsson says:

Any way to get this on android?

Nelia Gorpido says:


Monorom Krich says:

I believe I can play ‘believer’

Pitoco Craft says:

Tap to set tempo ajsjwisuwjejdi

Joseph Deese says:

You can count the triplets as 1 la le 2 la le 3 la le 4 la le too! Great video!

The Infinity Game says:

9:07 it’s gravity falls theme song

Fin_Nightcore Plays says:

What was the tempo?

DG Animations says:

*watches first 10 seconds* well fuck. I can only count up to five.

Greg Williams says:

Tap the first thing you tap on crate digger 4 times then play you know the snare and stuff that’s believer

Bokan96 says:

“Oh no no, this is gonna ruin it… that’s pretty tight, though”

el_ suoh says:

Sounds raw

Sour Patch says:

That was fun!

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