Making Music with an iPad

Course tutor Ski Oakenfull introduces you to iPad music-making using Garageband 2.0 and an iPad Mini. Subscribe to our channel ::

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It's a me Mario says:

They made it a million times better in 2018 now! You should do a new video on it!

Александр Денисов says:

is it iPad Mini?

Lisa Gordon says:

Hi guys, new to making music with GarageBand. I would like to be more familiar with basics before diving in to Logic. I have the IPad Pro, and I’m wondering about its limitations. Maybe I’ll know when I reach them? I tried making a really long loop, like 24 measures, using 10 or so Apple loops. After a while, it dropped some of the data from the recorded loop. It was getting rather complex. I’m thinking either it was too long, or I used too many complex loops. I would value input. Also, is there any way to restore that data? It doesn’t even list the name of the loop anymore, just blank. So I’d have to go hunting for the original loops I used.

junior senior says:

Can a song u make on iPad mini sound professional when master , like when using on a laptop ?

Jashiu Calvino says:

Oooooooh thanks

zeckham100 says:

Nothing sounds real especially the weak drums,

Daniel Hambrick says:

I have that Midi Keyboard, good little keyboard


the deep house track at the end where can i listen to it in full and was tgat made on garage band cause you got vocals in there ?

Nate Erre says:

All of my music that I use I make on GarageBand lol

SlenderSlayer2579 says:

I made a couple songs on GarageBand. Could you guys take a look and give me some feedback?

jay tour says:


Matt Black says:

It’s a real shame Ableton don’t have something like this that you can write a basic tune on your iPad then export it into Ableton on your Mac so you can finish it off

dokiencuong says:

this is one of the great videos on youtube. Thank you very much.

Khaled Saoud says:


B8848NP says:

Can i import iPad garage band project in logic pro in my mac?

Kevin Nel says:

The best thing about garage band is being able to import it into logic and expand your song ideas (doing midi with touch screen is much nicer than doing midi with a mouse)

Roman Ershov says:

Super super !!!,Thank you.

Itz doge herE says:

can u make a how too remix on iPad

Buddy Bellwether says:

@ 4:34 if the bass were deeper it would sound like the effect used in the Too Short- _Can’t stop remix_ …Great, now I want to go watch Bulletproof with Adam Sandler and Damon Wayans.

FrameGame says:

You sound like my history teacher

Kevin Fleming says:

I make good music on garageband

jason cooke says:

Wow thankyou soo much now I can make songs

Molly Cutpurse says:

Very clear. Very precise. Just what I needed. Thank you.

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