Recording an Entire Song with Only an iPhone –

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Download or stream the actual recording in this video:

I’ve said for years that you don’t need a “real” recording studio to make radio-ready recordings.

A modest home studio setup will do the trick just fine.

But a buddy of mine asked me “Do I even need studio equipment or microphones to record? Can’t I just use my iPhone?”

The question made me pause…CAN YOU make a record on an iPhone? And nothing but an iPhone?

I decided to find out.


Zane Roote says:

tbh i was expecting the guitars and vocals to sound like garbage


I am gonna try it with my 7 😛


I think im gonna play this song in my car.

Brian Kingsley says:

Great song. Thanks for sharing

Lionplayer says:

Yes, you did it, Graham. From now on I will try it too. You are the reason why I began to make music again. Thank you, sir.

Carbonfreeze says:

100% inspired! Thank you for the great videos! I already got your 6-step guide from a previous video, so thanks for that, too! Your song was great.

oxytronix says:

sounds awesome 🙂

7. Mazuma says:


Melissa Turner says:

Can you use garageband on any iphone, like one that’s $100 or less?

Darren Kerley-Clark says:

Mind blowing….just starting my home studio journey and this has opened my eyes a bit!

Ruben Olsen says:

cool stuf

B Zeober says:

You should do a song with 80 fitz

Gorgoni /gameplay/ rare exclusive streams/ says:

Is this gorillaz?

Daniel López says:

Realmente eres bueno! Tendría tu música en mi playlist, en lugar de muchos cantantes sobrevalorados de hoy.

hogamasound says:

That is absolutely mind blowing brother! Keep up the fantastic work and wicked tune also! On my bucket list to give this a go! Can’t wait! Cheers

K. Scot Sparks says:

…’Excellent – in both form and content!! (Thanks!)

haha lee says:


keenanjohnalan says:

This is brill. However, while I can just about master the audio recording element, how do I get a video of each stage of the recording process (e.g. Guitar playing, bass playing, piano etc) at the same time? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Slot Hit Wonder says:

I’ve done a couple of tunes using this exact technique… except it was all purely on the iPad and not real instruments included

Rob MacLean says:

Absolutely mind blowing brother! Awesomeness!! Can’t wait to this this a go! Cheers

recordingrevolution says:

You can now download or stream this actual recording anywhere you get your music! Here it is on Apple Music:

And then on Spotify:

Juan&Elandri says:

Awesome that you’re doing a Christian song!

Noir Honey says:

I want to thank you so much for making this video! I have been told by everyone high and low that there is no way to record quality music with anything less than an interface, mic, software and headphone and that I’d at least have to spend about 300 to do anything. You just showed proof and inspired me to try this challenge and I’m so excited!! I have an iPad Pro and iPhone and Garageband so from watching this I am confident that I can make music!!

Forrest of Lost Dreams says:

The difference is that he is actually good

Greg Booker says:

Awesome! I tinker around with the Garageband app but not like this.

Adrian says:

I belong to the FenderPlay group. I’ve been learning GarageBand on Mac and iPhone and sharing with my group. This is a great video to share with them!!! Shared!!!
And the pdf is a great reference

Livingsong says:


Azkha Official says:

Hi, my phone is not iPhone, I made this track using all mobile daw called Caustic 3, hope you’ll listen to it.

Daniel M Connolly says:


Six Months Sleep says:

I’ve never heard such a cool song about Jesus before. Jamming this all day 😀

Lisa Clark says:

Amazing! Im gonna see what i have on my Samsung and try this!!

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