T-Pain mixes a beat with the new GarageBand

Apple is releasing a big update to GarageBand for the iPad that makes it way easier for anyone to start making music. Rather than demo it ourselves, we swung by T-Pain’s house to see what he could do with the updated app.

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john smith says:

If people knew more about T. Paine and Common Sense and less about T-Pain, Common and 50 Cent, this nation would be a FAR better place.

Nick Marlow says:

what the actual fuck

SimeonIsMyName says:

T-Pain is a producer, not a teacher. If they wanted to really show what the program does, they should have had him use it and make a really nice piece of work while a Garageband expert talked about what he was doing in simple terms. They put the weight of selling the product fetures on the person who understands how to use it, but can’t effectively express what is in his head. There are a lot of complaints about this in the comment section; the man is just not a teacher. That is okay. If they only wanted to sell the product with his name, they should have had him just make something awesome with it.

Dirty Daryl says:

Get metro booming to make a beat on garage band I will sell my whole setup

Carla Villela says:

Tpain is a bad teacher lol

Perry Pelican says:

Definitely one of the most useless videos I ever watched. Isn’t this guy a professional successful musician? If so, he is totally unable to express how he does things. Over a million subscribers!!!! Why??? Why are those subscribers watching videos? Is it to learn something? Is it because they are like groupies who feel good watching someone successful. They must be the same ones who study the lives of the cardasians. Hey people be your own person. You don’t have to find famous people to be like. Most of them are nobodies like the rest of us. It is a society of sheep who all wear the same clothing and have the exact same ways of speaking with the same expressions. Do they all thnk that saying ” know what I’m saying” after every sentence is cool? I am confused with this one. But it does show me how ridiculous people are.

Parvati Polytech says:


Deixon Venera says:

t-pain lo mejor de cartagena Colombia escuchamos tu música a diario

Julian Sanchez says:

What in the loving bands of all bands is he saying?!

Adrian says:

yueehshh yiu nowr whuht i saiying

Groove Duude says:

I like GB for creating new songs and QUICKLY recording ideas. I also use/know analog to pro software. Garage band iPad version. $5! There is very little tutorial help out there. Trial and error method for me. The drummer is one of the best features. Sounds damn good. (Better than most of my live drummers!) There are hundreds of combinations, and you can always edit nuances to make it your own beat. Quick and easy. For a guitar player it makes creating and recording drum tracks easier with decent sound quality. Record the tracks to PT or whatever and say later to your alcoholic drummer. Never drops a stick. Just kidding about that. Uh…mostly. But seriously this video does GB no justice at all. If u are a beginner, GB is a great start. If you are experienced, it’s another tool that can be helpful in the studio. IMHO

Metro Mult says:


KingManny 1990 says:

you one best producers of new generation

Kevin Schmevin says:

Snoop dog has gained a LOT of weight.

EddieBee83 says:

T-Pain, the type of nigga to pretend he’s not retarded.

Kevin Schmevin says:

I wonder what face t made when he saw that guy walk into his beat laboratory. The urge to laugh, then punch him in the face must have been almost too much to handle…

Paris Isaac Redfern says:

Music is dead…fuck this shit

Ghetto MAn says:

The iPhone version is better than the laptop version

Andy P says:

This one’s a banger. Damn he’s good.

toby shotter says:

Everyone knows a good producer uses samples but a great producer uses APPLE LOOPS.

Bolurin Ojofeitimi says:

Check out my remake of say it by Tory lanes on my channel

evenios says:

cant wait to play with this on the ipad mini 4 i should get tommorow! i had the ipad 1 (though this was really for the ipad 2 at first but i had fun with it so cant wait to try out the new features!)

Sameer Abdullah says:

I want the music at the starting of this video

Prod. Hxrford says:

Gee thanks t-pain, for telling me exactly what I already knew

Darrell Jones says:

I do this myself my own beats from scratch on garage band from the phone

Kreegrrr says:

For the love of god man, A-R-T-I-C-U-L-A-T-E!

Lark X says:

GarageBand for iOS is the most powerful mobile music app. This dude is giving GarageBand a bad name. T-Pain pls stahp!!!

EddieBee83 says:

T-Pain aint using Garage Band, he’s just collecting a check. Im not knocking GB either, you can make some good beats on there.

shittyG1 says:

He reminds me of a black Seth rogen

Enrique Alcala says:

‘and thats all she wrote’ lmao ohhhhhh tpain talent not needed

Nate Coleman says:

t-pain reminds me of a black Seth rogan…

E L I T E O N T H E B E A T says:


Kieran !! says:

Never heard him without autotune

Scorcha Rap says:

I make beats on garage band and play everything rt on there and loop it. I think it’s so corny when people just hit buttons and tell people they made the beat.

trplrd 101 says:

Bruh sounds like he singing as he talk. Bam, u got it?

rob iacobelli says:

So….you smoke this here crack and then sumpin bout buttons? And drummas?

Cody Fry says:

He never actually performed anything. It’s all prerecorded loops. This is lame

EF WB says:

They removed that part of the app recently because it wasn’t pushing creativity. But they kept the smart drummer!

R.nune says:

sound like he doesnt know how to say ipad s he mumbles “and then that track is saved in your um…your (cough) imed

Mr. N says:

English caption please

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