I walk you through how to set up and work Apple Garageband (2015 version) so you can start making your own music!

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Stephen Goddard says:

Where’s the bloody sound sorry mate plz do a new version with some real audio!

Smiley Beats says:

how to quantize in garage band?

rugburnjr says:

bro this video is garbage lol

charles embrey says:

No music is heard, just your voice. Waste of time. BTW if you want to sound professional, you need a script, rambling is for amateurs.

Eric D Thomas says:

Difficult to follow the cursor and there was no sound (music) at all.

Steven Ballantine says:

Too bad the computer is not mic’d.

8233Eire says:


Aroneuos says:

Dude, thanks- one of the most entertaining Tutorials ive watched…

cornboymusic says:

you’re a dick!

Reggie Ento says:

When you’re doing a playback we can’t hear. I want to know how to space of the beats.

Aleksandra Wj says:

really helpful!

JUST JAYNE21 says:

the options for changing vocals adding effects to it, it doesn’t show up on mine?

Kassam Hussain says:

this is a joke

stevecheeksstudio says:

you suck

post tip says:

hahaha bro! I loved it! And the negative comments make it even better 🙂 peace&love and thanks for the upload, you made my day!

The Golden Gamer says:

HOW TO GET RICH: I get a dollar, every time he says um

Simply Renee says:

It would have been great to hear the sound. I’ve learned quite a bit though, for a beginner. Thank you!

André O. Bueno says:

Thanks! that was super fun! I just wanted to know how to record the instruments, and I learned 🙂

I hope your family is doing well =P

SonnOfSwagg says:

Intro is a little too long

ChinaAl says:

What a joke. Can’t even make it past “sorry-bout-that’

San Diego Songwriters MeetUp says:

I gave up with the horrible intro.

outlastproductions says:

uhh uh uhhmmm uhh uh I just spent 6 minutes watching you open up a program and press play. Its uh uh uhmmm uh 2017! you want to succeed at this and gain subscribers try #1. learn how to speak properly, the uh uh uh gets extremely annoying (HINT: try toastmasters) #2. Get to the point! people in the year 2017 have very short attentions spans. (HINT: Try keeping viewers attention by getting to the point! then move on to the next point..etc..) #3. Screen your own final product. Your viewers cant even hear the music. screen, edit, review final, edit again THEN publish. (HINT: Try creating a script beforehand. #4. I don’t know what number 4 is because you lost me at 6 minutes. #5. don’t ignore #’s 1-3 good luck

Knights Templar says:

total crap !!!!

Alex Mauney says:

25:26 “What the fuck? Okay”

Dami Musik says:

funniest tutorial with lots of distractions lol

Silver Dust says:

Great video, it’s my first time and i actually know what to do from this video unlike other tutorials.

Mister MADNESS says:

youre intro sucks

Con Petropoulos says:

Do you think it’s worth me ugrading to the latest GB. Are there many benefits? Cheers, Con

Shredsum says:

Dude your intro is way too long, I had to double tap twice to skip it

Vertex says:

Latest version? Sure.

Paulo Samilonga says:

Can someone help me how to do Nasty and Dope beats ,, Like Deep Dope Beats

Lotus Lourdes says:

you should garageband your voice before uploading

JUST JAYNE21 says:

funniest tutorial ever, so many interruptions in one video! Love it! Already subscribed, thanks heaps for helping mate!

_gridlock_ says:

It didn’t make amy sense to me

EarthTo Ash says:

this is a crap tutorial my dude

Krzysztof Bogdan says:

Hahahah wtf ROFL this is worse than spending 1.3 bilion dollars on a lost campaign

Gary Callicott says:

I can only hear your voice.

九条 says:

Your work is cute.

Social Media Scene says:

This was a great intro! Thank you! I thought you did a great job 🙂 really question I have is if you could explain why some of my options are grayed out for example loops, tx!

Sándor Menyhárt says:

Hi, thanks very much for the video! Could you please advise how to gradually reduce the last part of a song in order to get a nice end? Thanks

Sirrtified Music says:

try to count how many times he says uh or um!

James Samuels says:

THIS IS SOOOOOO FUNNY BRO! I thought I was being punked. LMFAO!!!

Lotus Lourdes says:

annoying af

Rock Castle says:

dude please delete this video! You can’t hear any of the music and your vocal fry is enough to drive anyone insane!

JD _ says:

do you watch your vids before posting?… you have a lot of fixing to do. maybe record the audio from a separate mic or something. couldn’t hear anything from the computer.

Serena Hussain says:


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