5 Logic Pro X Tips You Need To Know (2018)

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In this tutorial, Jake takes us through five quick insights in the audio region of Logic Pro X. Like in each DAW, there are plenty of hidden features and shortcuts.

Improving workflow is huge benefit to your production quality as well as creativity. Training your brain to work seamlessly in your software of choice can change the way you perceive music production.

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Tony Draper says:

Wow. These are all amazing tips. Thanks for posting. I’ve been using Logic since the early 2000’s but had to take 10yrs off due to a spinal injury back in 2007. I purchased a new I-Mac with Logic a few months ago & was blown away on how far Logic has come. I seriously felt lost when I first opened it up lol but I was right back in the swing of things with your videos & help. All of your tips are amazing & have helped me so much so I just wanted to thank you for your time.

tony d says:


LoyalOne says:

more Logic Pro x please

loot6 says:

3:34 You don’t need to bounce it in place, you can just tick the reverse box in the inspector on the left for that audio region. Saves hard drive space…lots in the long run.

Max Nebaba says:

More Logic Pro X!

Dharma Child says:

Great tricks. Thanks!

Wizardatwill says:

Thank you so much! I just started with logic and this helps me big time! thanx again!

John Ewald says:

This is just CRAP from a guy far from being a poweruser

Kidd Bill says:

Wow thanks my guy

Kaique Moser says:

sick tricks.

David Numbers says:

thanks this was really helpful

Harald Lamm says:

Who dat looking at us tho

Mcsteveberry says:

you are a life saver man

torsten madsvin says:

Big ups for tip nr.3!

Gitura Kembi says:

great vid

Mr.Moose says:

Very cool tips, man. Thank you very much!

Rogério Valgode Carvalho says:

Amazing tips, thanks for sharing!

LoyalOne says:

What’s wrong with logic x… please make some more videos…

Ankur Sarsiya says:

https://youtu.be/YVPUH-78fZI?t=562 Why’d you sacrifice rest of the audio clips, just to get one to the right transient ? Before you changed the tempo, you need to flex every audio track. And that’s what you did.

guessguy209 says:

Great tips…some criticism though…you’re going very fast and using keyboard shortcuts in your video. So some of the tips are useless because I dont know what your pressing on your keyboard in order to get certain things to display / work.

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