A Demo of Logic Pro X #ComputerClan

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Logic Pro X is a significant update to the Logic Pro DAW software from Apple. In this video, you’ll get a 20 minute demo into some of its features, and its interface. If you have any questions about this software, feel free to ask! Logic Pro X costs $199 and it is available in the Mac App Store.





Italo Fortier says:

I was contemplating if I should get Logic Pro x. After viewing your video I know this is what I want. I thought about getting Reason, Cubase and a couple of others. But for the $ and great features, this is it. As a songwriter i wanna get my ideas down fast. This will work for my next project. Thx!

Zoltán Arnóczky says:

Thank you.

Most Unique says:

Could you do a new review of the newer versions? And also show a example of electro,trap or dubstep?

If you do this I reckon you would get alot of views!

Edy Tantoro says:

Thanks a lot for your explaining and sharing.. So great!!!

Arif Bintang says:

This is mindblowing xD I’m just beginner, was looking up how to record song in home and found this video, it’s just amazing

Arnt Petter Andersen says:

Awesome sir. Tnx for sharing – can’t wait to get my iMac and my Logic Pro..

marvin5078 says:

looks like a more prettier Garageband

Jason Chamberlain says:

Very nicely done overview – Thanks

logictemplates com says:

rocking bass get back.

God Of Rainbows says:

19:03 NEATO!!!! I want this!!!

George Brown says:

Hi, I’m possibly looking at buying one of the old Apple Mac Pro desktop computers and I was wondering if they’d be able to run Logic Pro X? Would a old Apple Mac Pro from say 2006 be able to update to the latest OS X Mavericks or even El Capitan? Many thanks!

Sukhi Bart says:

thank you — that was great

Chris Molen says:

Boston is awesome!

Petrino says:

is there somethng like this for pc?

Seán Magee says:

Do any string instruments come with this?

Dr. Audio says:

Would love to know the differences between Logic & Garageband, If anyone found a good video kindly reference it to me, Thanks alot!

MrPhilfridge says:

certainly better than the demos that are all over you tube by the music tech help guy!

vincentmack37 says:

logic studio had a much better user interface imo, logic x arrangement window is tiny and keeps getting reduced further with the media windows on the left.

Rtkts says:

Can you import Garage band tracks with the same instruments?

Meekismwisdom says:

Is there an auto play on the strings like their is on the garage band app for iPhones?

Duke Cruz says:

Thanks for this review! Very informative!

Didrik Snuffy says:

so basically a more advanced version of garageband

Elan Espana VFX says:

Are you using a midi keyboard

vincentmack37 says:

music in the 21st century: play music for 5 seconds, then dick around with a mouse for 12 hours lol

Holly Thompson says:

I love how you’re playing Boston lol More Than A Feeling is one of my top fav songs

Helgen X says:

How do you make your OWN drum patterns with your samples though?


how dide you record your screen

miditommy says:

i make trap music with fl and use mostly samples and play with pads(arturia beatstep) will it be better to get logic pro x?

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