Apple Logic Studio 9 – Space Designer

An overview of the Space Designer reverb plugin bundled with Apple Logic Studio 9, looking at the main controls and functions.

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Neon Liston says:

does anyone have info on where i can download space designer plug in for logic pro 9?
For some reason it didn’t come with and some of the templates id like to work with are set up with space designer.
any info would be much appreciated


hi , like your tutorial alot keep it up ,,which pre set would use for a flute ,slow
 and clasical 
cheers bro 

Isaac Blanc says:

got my like and subscribe, thank you very much!! the wonder of the internet is that you get teachers like you, for free!!! 😀

David J R Jones says:

Top Quality!

Kai says:

Good tutorial man.

The Dementians says:


John Bannon says:


CocoHermetic says:

Thanks for the tutorial.. This was used for my recording arts class well done very clear.

Trevor Dolhan says:

Thanks for the video. I learned a lot in a very short time. Very well laid out and demonstrated!!

Mark Chivers says:

Superb! Thanks for putting this together and sharing

Msteve2050 says:

Thanks. I just got better at mixing.

Joseph Michel says:

If I want to make a long reverb tail, should I put the compressor before or after the Space Designer?

Threecircles Recording Studio says:

Thanks for the comments!

Charles Graham says:

Great info video big thank you

barry mccormack says:

This is really good video well done guys keep posting -I still don’t like the product though lots of knobs to fiddle with but the end result is still not brilliant compared to other plugins.I am still trying to find a setting for vocals that rivals the waves product -comments appreciated if you know a setting

Michael Palombo says:

Great Tutorial

bernieburnalot says:

Skip to 6:00 to get to the actual use of SD IR.

Mark Jackson says:

Much appreciated man! I can’t find them anywhere.

Zarkov100 says:


Tim Harding says:

I’d be interested, please.

Mark Jackson says:

Great video guys! Where did you get the UAD140 plate IR’s? Would love to pick them up!

Threecircles Recording Studio says:

Hmmmmm, searching around online a LONG time ago. There was a website I found with loads of uploaded IRs. I’ll have a look and get back to you and if not, I’ll send you the folder…. ;0)

Mitch Ross Music says:

Very solid tutorial. Thanks for leaving it up.

treadsuit says:

Very awesome tutorial. Thanks!

zuluhippy says:

Thanks a million…great tutorial!

St John says:

Noob here, For space designer can i use any audio file such a snare or is it a specific kind of wav file?

Juret Behti says:

Thank you so much Sir I am having some trouble to understand Space Designer after saw this video I understood how to manage it thanks again.

kiwisounddesign says:

Great video 🙂 Helped clear up a lot of unknown areas with this reverb unit. Thanks for the tutorial!

albert piamenta says:

just great

Mukesh Rathore Musical says:

good one..thanks for sharing your knowledge!!

AstrayQQ says:

You should turn up your mouse laser sensitivity. I can hear you moving your hand like crazy to move it a few inches 😉

Pantelis Krestas says:

Great Video just watched it. Please feel free to post more tips

Julian Andreasen says:

is there any way of adjusting the length of a selected preset ?

Oscar Apronti says:

This is a spectacular guide for using reverb. Thanks mate!

NiceGirls Can'tDance says:

Good one, man. Very informative.

rawstarmusic says:

The right way is to put it on a bus but most of the reverb’s settings are made to  put it on the channel strip with settings like snare-wet and so on. A lot of general settings are also specialized for unusual buildings. There are Hall and Room but they are not so unique I suppose.

JC REY says:

Excellent review very clear well done thanks for sharing 🙂

ArtyoneT says:

Great tutorial. Thanks a bunch. Can you make one for the Delay Designer??

Alyx Jones says:

Wish we were taught this at A level!!! 😉

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