Apple Logic Tutorial – Recording Vocals and Guitar in Logic

Apple Logic Tutorial – Recording Vocals and Guitar in Logic. present how to record vocals and acoustic guitar in Apple Logic Pro 9. Part 1 of our ‘Learning Logic’ music production tutorials.


Isleofwhite says:

Panty hose over mic. . Ghetto pop screen. lol

Nassos Conqueso says:

Thanks for the great video!!

Michael King says:

Saving me loads of time figuring this shat out! Love it!

masypoosays says:

i belive it’s a single say a box like shoes where you put all things you want to mess with and change or add effects and change all only things that are in your box/ bus.

KhalArts says:

HI… i have a problem recording an acoustic guitar even a vocal in Logic… i got a behringer XM8500 mic it’s not so good but it’s ok, and i have a Focusrite Pro 24… the problem is that when i begin to record, the signal is to low, although i turn up the volume of the pre-amp, the signal still very very low i dont know what is going on.!? help me please, thnx! 🙂

Sudhanshu Mishra says:

really really helpful….

ROLi djXtraordinar says:


sportsportsport says:

Logic always blows my mind!

Gene Doyley says:

i’m doing everything you are doing but still having no joy. How do i get the edges to Hi – light blue and the drum kit to play instead of metronome.

Ozzy Sen says:

What about latency . . . . . ??

Anant Thatte says:

OMG!!!! A B De villiers teaching recording vocals!!!!

Jacob Rugnao says:

This is so much help! Thank you so much for this video. I’m digging that pop filter 😀

rippingrudy says:

Great video! Thanks

Coffey King Studios says:

haha. I’ve always made as much as i chould myself. Pop filter, Mic stand ECT. ECT.
It frekin rocks 😀

Razik Shaikh says:

What interface are you using for recording vocals and guitars?

PATOIRLOVEMUSIC DaniellePatoir says:

this is a good overview of everything..// Also, I really like the vocalist in this song.. great song..and voice 😉

john smith says:

Hi, Great instructional video. Im new to logic, completely new!!!!! Steep learning. Did exactly what you did re Bass guitar track, via the querty keyboard but Im suffering latency.Play a note as im recording and its behind..Frustrating. I have an iMac 2.4GHZ, OS 10.7.4, Core 2 duo, 4GB ram, 500 GB hard drive. Interface I use is Focusrite Scarlett. Checked settings in Preferences even made buffer size small, buffer 256, Tried software monitoring on and off too. Any Ideas?? Thanks

Jay Ravat says:

Whats a bus?

DJ EVOL says:

how to record guitar with headphones and not recording the metronome

VampyrumFerox says:

3:05 – What kind of voodoo are you using to get that drum beat to play? Because doing exactly what you did in this video, my version of Logic 9 doesn’t play any drums.

jdsongwriter says:

This is a great video! You go over many things in one video. I wish that I found your videos sooner, but I am going to check out your other videos. Thanks!

swankrecords says:

Apple Logic causes migraine headaches. Product to be discontinued by Apple to save humanity.

Justin Marshall Elias says:

Thank you. PS I don’t understand why people dislike tutorials….its just… kinda annoying

chesar espinoza says:

thank you so much.

djgunner258 says:

Good Job!

stu4amie says:

You need to open Ultrabeat by double clicking it’s name below i/o. When Ultrabeat opens just switch it’s power on.

Lucas Adlhoch says:

Hot about selecting the right tempo for the track and telling your artist to play to the damn beat?

music ride says:


Gene Doyley says:

@MrKydas i have the same problem

antonyhume hume says:

good clear tutorial – the velocity note change was very welcome

Théo Dikötter says:

Hi. Thanks for you video this was really helpful but I can’t understand how you make the drum play a loop instead of the click while recording. If you could please answer, thanks !

Quinn says:

Ok like your tv show.

Troy Solly says:

Thanks loop masters for this!!! really enjoyed it

Ninad Pednekar says:

@eepcybz yes I was desperately searching for a nice software to compose killer beats. Listen to this you can make some damn insane beats with this software. Its finally been released to the public. have a look here :

Jack Lech says:

this dude is all over the place in audio. ahah

Marcel Le Sueur says:

who is the artist in the video?

Reddchester says:

awesome video thanks

911heroesandme says:

Nice POP FILTER! I used to use one just like that…Homemade all the way!!

Fitra Wardhana says:

really using this softwer now..

Alan Chen says:

“Mirander” (Miranda outside UK)

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