Apple Mainstage and Logic Pro X Automation for live performances

In this video I explain how to use Apple Mainstage 3 to automate patch changes on hardware synthesizers and how to launch and start playing Logic Pro X projects from Mainstage. Automate your live setup!!
My live setup consists of: Roland Fantom G6, Alesis A6 Andromeda, Roland V-Synth GT, Korg Triton LE, Akai S5000 Sampler, MOTU Midi Timepiece AV, Apple Macbook Air, Apple Mainstage 3, Apple Logic Pro X


fabian barbin says:

I don’t have time to do it now and i’m at work but i hope to get a chance to try. Are you still available for questions.
I have a time piece AV too. awesome.

Allan Rowe says:

This is great thanks. How do you close the logic files once the song has finished playing?

Jesse Fellows says:

I’ve been trying to get the apple script editor to open the logic files… it seems to open the first time, but after it opens the first time I keep getting an error code and doesn’t work… any help?

Leonardo Galliano says:

Thanks, it was extremely helpful!
Can you tell me how did you manage to play the everything with a single button?
I’m trying to play a track in Logic and a song in iTunes but I need them to start together
Can you explain me how to do that?

Kay Ronny Dahl says:

Brilliant tutorial! Can’t wait to try this out! My live performance will certainly change after this video… Thanx!

daniel ryan says:

hey +Trevor Page 
if somebody were using a torrented version of logic pro x would mainstage still sync?

Paul Godoy says:

Wow, great video. This was awesome. Thanks for sharing. Very informative!!!

AnthonyisFrench says:

Wow I didn’t realize you can use logic with mainstage like this. Thank you! Do you also run your vocals through mainstage when performing live?

Sander Wijnen says:

Hi Trevor, what do I need to do to close the project file after the track ends. Why asking, I can imagine that my MacBook will slow down if there are 20 or 30 Logic open.

Adam Esteves Debiasi says:

Hi! Do you have access to the same sounds and plugins contained on Logic? cheers

Bruno Tikami says:

Hi Trevor, great video! Thanks for posting. I’m using my BOSS GT-10 a an USB interface to send “change” events to main stage. I intend to start the playback plugin linked to one of my strips but my Ctrl 1 button only sends a “ranged” parameter to Main Stage. Do you know anything I can do to make it send a “binary” / “stepped” parameter ?

Jesse Fellows says:

Do you like your MOTU Midi Timepiece? I’m looking into interfaces cause we connect multiple computers as well as keyboards, effects pedals and lights… Trying to figure out what will be the best interface to keep everything properly synced.

OM Collective says:

Hi Trevor, this is awesome. I’m wondering whether you can control automation of plugin parameters in the same way that you automated volume here?
(That might be the difference between me getting and learning mainstage. Assuming that by doing that, there isn’t the latency that I comes out of the monitors in logic pro x.)

psbsynthmusic says:

Great tutorial ! Fantastic. One question though…… Do you need to close the Logic Pro X at the end of the Song 1 in order to get back to Mainstage 3 interface for the purpose of starting Song 2? Since Logic Pro X comes to the front of the window at the beginning of playing Song 1  my first guess would be to close (or at least Hide) Logic Pro X when the Song 1 ends, and let Mainstage 3 interface (in Performance mode) become again visible and ready for starting Song 2. Is this what needs to be done in order to perform ALL the Songs of the First Set? Anyway, the best tutorial dealing with Mainstage 3 and Logic pro X integration. Thank you !

Aquarieye .Artist says:

Also how did you make the template on MainStage 3 like the one you are using? It seems as though its blank, just the way I want to start with. But for the default options it selects instruments. I have my music made on logic pro x and I just want to use mainstay 3 to play them and create a live performance.

Brigate ★ Gialle says:

Thank yiou so much.
In a 15:21 long video you solved 90% of my problems in live patch settings. GREAT!

CCMusic says:

I want to create midi sequences to trigger my hardware synth’s and drum machine in a live setting. Is Mainstage/Logic for me? I love that you can map to the Behringer pedal board.

Toby Horton says:

Great video, but I couldn’t stop thinking that Owen Wilson was telling me how to use Mainstage.

dhjmusic says:

Trevor – following up on my post yesterday, I was able to figure out how to stop the project automatically (using meta event 52)

Sander Wijnen says:

Hi Trevor, what do I need to do to close the project file after the track ends. Why asking, I can imagine that my MacBook will slow down if there are 20 or 30 Logic open.

Ryan Holladay Music says:

this is great! thanks so much! just out of curiosity, is there anyway to stop logic from coming to the front and run the project in the background so i could still view my MainStage layout?

Aquarieye .Artist says:

The folder for putting the scripts are not there anymore. I can’t find it anywhere. Have you upgraded to Yosemite? I read through another site that a user was having problems with it too.

Aquarieye .Artist says:

So let me get this straight. Can you create a script and tell logic pro to start at say, the second bar? Can you tell logic pro x thru the script to start a loop at a certain point? Where can I get information to learn apple script language to interact with logic?

Aquarieye .Artist says:

Can you tell logic pro x through the script function in MainStage 3, to do this like loop a segment of a track? Start a certain track? or automate a loop on its own?

Samuel Becerra says:

This is an awesome video!
But when I save my file, close it, and reopen it, the apple script does not get saved to the button. Any advise?

Adamo Fiscella says:

Amazing. Thanks so much!

TBL Recording says:

Thanks. This was helpful.

Daniel Wynkoop says:

You sir, are brilliant!   I’ve been tinkering around and trying to figure out how to use MainStage 3 and “program y” to integrate backing tracks, display lyrics, and control lighting.   MS3 can handle the backing tracks well, and also handle the lyrics portion; however, I haven’t figured out a way to use it to send lighting commands yet.    I think this video may have just solved that issue.  Either a) by using AppleScripts or b) integrating with Logic Pro X.   I do not have Logic Pro X yet, but I’m going to look into it today.    Watching your video it looks like it’s a fairly “instant” process of loading up your song…how fast is it switching from song to song?   Do you have to write another custom AppleScript to end one song and start another?  Also, do you see any benefit to using LPX to play backing tracks vs. MS3?  I’m wondering if LPX uses less CPU…I noticed that MS3 gets a little hungry at times!      Thanks for the AWESOME video and for giving me some new ideas! 

Krsnik87 says:

Just curious as to how stable applescripts are for opening Logic projects? If set up correctly just like this would you consider it to be bulletproof or have you had any dropouts or failures to open projects?

Thanks for the vid.

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