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Michael Cunningham says:

I haven’t bought a third party instrument yet since I bought logic in 2013. Lmao. But I have bought Nectar 2 for vocals and looking forward to getting analog lab2 from arturia. Or the maybe the V5 collection. But honestly. You can do any style and idiom of music in this DAW. It’s all about the Music Producers creativity.

MrDisrupta says:

the synths in logic are really good I can get some really good sounds out of them and use them a lot.

TicallionStallion says:

ultrabeat is a beast

Daniel Bird says:

Great job of explaining. Entertaining video.

getocollab says:

You can make this track sound waaaaaaay better with just the stock sounds. but great job

Matthew Meserve says:

Great job with this vid Alex..I learned a bunch from you. Thanks!!

Dominik Wujek says:

One must to have never played a real drumkit to cut the snare below 500hz ;O

The Truth says:

same piano riff from ex calling

Microvita says:

Prugins are good if u ask me , they are very tasty

Heyhoe says:

ty for the video man. but i seem to be missing stock plugins. is there somewhere i can dl them? hip hop heavy kit etc..

The Diamond Titan says:

Explain more details of what plug ins your using next time

Jackson W says:

Don’t get stuck in a loop. DONT GET STUCK IN THE LOOP. Your stuck bro

Presidentstudio says:

This video not answering of the question Is they are good plugins . This is tutorial how to use synths in LPX 🙂

Marques Stewart says:

Look at Alchemy. It’s a very versatile synth in Logic.

Prophis says:

Can’t wait ’till you step up to Ableton

Miles Coleman says:

The UI looks really confusing in my opinion but i am open to maybe using logic in the future


What do you think about alchemy, it’s difficult to learn but I think it can be a very powerful synth!

Chris Hernandez says:

Perkys calling remake ????

Date Mike says:

I wan’t to make like tropical house, big room house, and elm, is logic pro x good for that?

Chev Chellios says:

Not bad at all.

Charles Leax says:

I like alchemy and ultrabeat. The rest isnt competetive against hive, electra, spire or sylenth1, massive.

JIB AAA says:

Nice Talk

xPBKM4x says:

Garage band on steroids…

versace plug says:

what’s the biggest difference between fruity edition and prod. edition? and should i invest to prod. edition. I need help!

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