Arrangement Tips | Logic Pro X | Dave Earl

In this music production tutorial, Dave Earl aka SFLogicNinja shows us his favorite song arrangement tricks in Logic Pro X.

He goes over how to create, name and navigate between markers in Logic. He also touches on arrangement markers and why they are different from regular markers.

Dave also shows you how to get Logic’s Drummer to follow your arrangement markers. This is a must watch tutorial if you use Logic and want to improve your production workflow.

Dave is a certified Apple Logic Pro 10 trainer and teaches our online Logic courses here at Pyramind. He has composed for video games, cinema, television and more.

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raoul walton says:

Logic Ninja! Learned a lot from you back in the day , good to see you doing well !

Brayam Campos says:

Hi Dave, I have been having a lot of problems with logic lately and was wondering if you could help. I would really appreciate if you did I have looked every and I haven’t been able to find a solution.

1. Every time I click save as my project closes. I have updated my laptop and logic and I still can’t save as it is very frustrating.
2. I am not able to highlight multiple notes in the Piano Roll feature.


Jay Peek says:

embellishment: “Using the Logic Pro X Arrangement Track”. You’re welcome.


Thanks Dave that helped me a lot

Andrew Richards says:

I love you!

Francis Srečko Fabian says:

Really, really interesting. Especially the drummer section. I had no idea it did that with arrangement markers. Thanks.

Jono Rezzillo says:

Cool Tips Dave…Very understandable and clearly spoke, Thanks

Steve Greenberg says:

Great tip and explanation

Dry Dessert says:

Reminds me a bit of Agnes Obel. Who’s the artist?

MrDrGemma says:

name of the band please Pyramind btw big fan 🙂

Axel Nussbaumer says:

I’m learning logic coming from ableton right now… The work flow and user friendliness of ableton is staggering compared to this. The idea that you could grab an entire section of a song and move it is simply a given in ableton. Is there not an easier way to grab an entire section of a song and move it around?

Anyway, thank you much for your video. Very helpful.

Adrian Czarnecki says:

Who is it? Cool song.

Nick Webster says:

I love arrangement markers. Makes reading your own projects so much easier. Didn’t know about the drummer trick! Great video!

Артем Петров says:

These arrangment markers are always ruin my automation curves. So I think that if you want to use this tip you have to create region automation instead of track automation. Arrangement in logic (moving mix sections) is still a real pain for me.

Tim Stevens says:

Great, thank you. Nice song, cool harmonies.

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