Chopping Samples, Time Stretching & Sample Pitch (Transpose) In Logic Pro X #DailyHeatChecc

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Jmmy W says:

bih is u whispering

Telisa Right says:


Joseph phoenix says:

wow thanks a lot it helps a lot.

God the Artist says:

cant hear shit…. all volumes at max

Vincent Cummins says:

is it possible to chop apple loops?

Kester Ga says:

wicked video

Valentin Killy says:


Tony Carbone says:

Nicely Done….

TeeRoy Leo says:

Thank you bro! Solid content! Learnt something new today ma man. Stay blessed

ThenexAssassin says:

Is there a way use your keyboard to play instrument editor?

Wole Oyekan says:

you covered how to change the pitch, can you cover how to change the tempo of a sample?

Joel Bench says:

Good video! There is a bit of a shortcut (depending on what you want to do).

1. Right-click on audio track
2. Click Convert
3. Click Convert to New Sampler Track

From there you can create the samples from the zones or the transients and edit the samples as illustrated in this video.

the big Cartel says:

mate what happened at 7.22 how did you get the mixer up. up till then i was following but that was really bad demonstration from then on you had the ex24  in the way so how did you expect people to see what was going on ???????

Ryan Gibson says:

Either I’m doing something wrong or this doesnt work w musical typing

Dj Eszti says:

Thanks man is help lots..

GRNON says:


Sercan Oğuz says:


Fisty World Entertainment says:


S T says:

Don’t you need to know the bpm of the tracks when sampling? Or that’s only for looping

Lucien Dunne says:

Finally a good video cheez my guy

YOHJI Beats says:

how can I change the tempo and the sample changes tempo too ??

Aaron Haigh says:

thanks man,
Really helpful!


zinsa bank says:

cool video, reall helpful! Is it possible to time strech only in exs? without pitching?
thanks for the lot of help you give us 🙂

Tenariathehippiee says:

it wont let me split at transient marker

subi subi says:

how to change pitch without effecting length of sample?

Parker Hughes says:

If you are too stupid to look through settings to see if the edit button can be toggled, you probably shouldn’t be in electronic music production.

Steve Wiggin says:

“It’s really dope..”  Time to close this video and move on to the next.

casonbr0 says:

I know this was made quite some time ago but wow this is one of the most helpful tutorial ive ever seen and i appreciate you man

BloodSweatnBass says:

when I brought up the esx24 multi output there was no “Edit” tab on it…what did I do wrong ?

Easez Beats says:

just what i needed man, thank you!!!

Zach Gable says:

Can you tell me how to pull up the quick menu at 2:22 so i can “slice at transient marker”? im old and slow…..

Darius Kinlaw says:

Thanks bro

forthcomin says:

Dope video thanks for the tutorial!

Dan Frett says:

thanks alot this really help me out.

The_BLAQ_SEWER says:

Thanks for taking the time to make this vid man. You solid.

Trey says:

I don’t have a “plus” sign in my mixer. Someone help please?

Clarence Frazier says:

Thank you for your knowledge

Amanda Brancato says:

hey every time i toss my sample into EXS the menu does not come up? any clue to whats going on?

Chavonne says:

Good shit g! Learned a couple techniques and even a plugin i didnt know i had. Appreciate you

SEVERiN says:

I don’d understand why everyone was complaining about the edit button in the comments, I had the same problem and simply googled it, easy.


that video just mad helped my game. many thanks

calano67 says:


Dominique Williams says:

i enjoyed the video but how do i find the slice to transient marker from the menu I’m not using an actual mouse!!!???

Robert Fields Jr. says:

Thank you for your video I’m looking to sample m Acoustic Yamaha grand PNO and put it into logic can I do this?

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