Create Ambient Soundscapes With a Convolution Reverb (Logic Pro X, Space Designer)

Learn how to create ambient soundscapes by loading “random” audio clips into convolution reverb plugin. The results are strange and wonderful!

DOWNLOAD the LATEST Chords of Orion Ambient Guitar music here:

DOWNLOAD the Logic Pro X project with all audio clips and plugin settings used in this video here:

Create Ambient Soundscapes with a Convolution Reverb

Equipment/software used:
Audio-Technica AT3035 microphone
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 firewire audio interface
Apple Logic Pro X

chords of orion – ambient/post-rock guitar music for the mind and heart.

bill vencil – guitars, vocals, other instruments and sounds.



AJ says:

lol do you even know what you’re doing??

Amir says:

Awesome!! Btw, i’ve been wondering if you have any idea how to make those specific ambient falsetto vocals by hammock? Example would be ‘Breathturn’ or ‘Ten Thousand years wont save your life’. Can your method be used for it? Many thanks!


1:31 FM Synth right there

Mikhail Medvedev says:

Great vid!!! Thanks a lot! Gonna try it!

Alan Raterink says:

1:26 – That was great! Lol!

Erik Lauri Kulo says:

I’m so glad you liked this technique and gave it a try! And I really like the results. 🙂

Joe Brackman says:

Very cool! I never thought of convolving audio with other non-IR audio…

Tilden Snow says:

So is it the IR that makes this great? I didn’t see where or what that was that you imported.

João Hasselberg says:

Great singing <3 : )

K Pax says:

This trick is amazing, changes everything. Thank you for sharing.

Sonia Alaska says:

“isn’t that cool?” DUDE THAT’S FUCKING DOPE ASF!!!! THANKSSS!!!

camfre4k says:

Thaaaank you!!! I’ve been looking everywhere to learn how to create sounds like this!


Great atmosphere! Very cool and inspiring video.
Look forward to your ‘steve Roach’ album 🙂

o0Ampy0o says:

This was fun and enlightening but the original vocal track is buried so deep you could have used just about anything and saved a lot of time and trouble skipping the pitch correction among other things. It would be fun burying messages (only good ones of course 🙂 ) like “I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches” in an otherwise profoundly serious sounding work of ambience.

LogicProHacks says:

BTW, does it matter what note or key you use to sample the reverb in? Say like I want sample the reverb from some cool bell sounds in the key range of A minor. What would be the best key to sample in? I would assume to sample in A minor? From watching your video, it seems there will be some element of a leak through, and you should sample as close as to the key range you are designing the reverb for. Then if you want to use that new fancy reverb for a different song that is in D minor, I guess you would have to pitch correct the reverb sample or just re-sample to D minor.

Jesse Timm Miller says:

So. Freakin. Cool. Thanks!

Timothy Buss says:

How Cool!!! What a great Idea!!! I love your thinking!

Luke Faez says:

Where the fuck has this been all my life? Ambient music is so mysterious. I can never seem to find good videos on ACTUAL sound design. This is glorious.

pieter nooten says:


Marcy Marc says:

Hey! Ho!, HAHAHA!, Great Tutorial! btw.

erie ho says:

what is that? working song..?

eddie gomez says:

This is so cool! Now to start recording random stuff!

Rishit Kotian says:

How did you get so many reverb options in Space Designer?

LogicProHacks says:

very nice!

Alan Raterink says:

Very COOL!

Juan Andres says:

This video inspires me to try this technique asap. Great video man. Thank you!!!

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