EXS24 Sampler Tutorial | Logic Pro X

In this episode of HyperProductionTV we are taking a look at how to import audio into the EXS24; Logic Pro X own internal sampler. We take a look at how to very basically import audio to get you started and then move on how to create custom drum kits using all your favourite samples you have collected to make your work flow quicker and more efficient. Lastly, we then take a look at how to make a sampler instrument based around import a synth sound. In this instance I make a a deep house chord pad and show you the best ways to do so including various tips and tricks.


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Sébastien Christe says:

hi thanks for the really helpfull video ! i’m an old fl studio user and i just saw in your video that you have my favourite VST : reFX Nexus.
How do i install this on logic ?
thanks for the answer !

Savvy Gee says:

Cool. Very helpful.

Francis Srečko Fabian says:

Thanks. Very useful information.

Percy Herrera says:

How can I convert wav file to EXS24?

Leyla Ek says:

Thanks for a great tutorial. In the beginning you mentioned that there’s another sampler used for the DJ Snake type of vocal synth leads that does not alter the speed of the sample when moving up and down on the MIDI keyboard, do you have a video for that/what’s the synth called? Thanks!

Bhavesh Shah says:

Terrific video mate!! Btw I can’t seem to use Recycle Convert option in EXS24 edit window its grayed out. I saw a nice wee trick in one of Sean Tyas Future magazine tutorial series wherein he recycles a loop and it comes out in midi notes. Any help on this would be appreciated mate.. Thanks

Renato Fourie says:

you mentioned theres a sampler that doesnt just speed it up , im struggling to change the key of a sample …
lets say i want to make a kick or bass, thats in ? C but my song is in A,, so on the one hand i can pitch shift it less semitone, but the tuner doesnt pick up A… so im not sure that worked… i was so hoping i could put a sample into a sampler , that would pick up the original key “c” of the lets say one bass note… then i play A on my keyboard and yaaaay its in key… but iv now lost another days sleep trying to figure it out… this is the closest iv come thanks to you… any suggestions?

i dont want it to speed my samples up ,, but to ,,, move it a few semitones to the prefered note or just play that note on my keyboard…. or do i have to count up or down in semitones. with the pitch shifter to get it to “a” … and if i have a pitch shifter on a track will it pitch shift all the samples in that track ? wish i could google what i just wrote but,,, thanks for the lesson so tho… poes leke bra ,, i shouldve stuck to playing drums 😉

borny hitch says:

It’s hard to hear what you’re saying when you play some weird music at the same time 🙂

Rocks G says:

the only plug-in AU instruments I have are for apple. How can I get all those additional plug-in instruments???

Reggie Speaks says:

What song was playing in the background?

Marcin Niec says:

that music in the background , please it’s so disturbing bro

Matt Pacheco says:

What’s that trackin the background between like 11:00and 15?  So sick

Gary Hurst says:

Great Video. Loving that chord workflow.

Ryan Creighton says:

Thankyou xx

Trikloe says:

Where is the tutorial that does not speed up tempo?

Darren The Barber says:

Great video! Why can’t everyone make refreshing easy to follow tutorials like you do? Excellent work my friend!!!

Арслан Магомедов says:

Can you tell me please is it possible to change the attack on EXS 24?

Sergio Beatz says:

Hey man I was using this and everything was going good but then I put a sample in there and I tried it out and it sounded nothing like what my original 808 sounded like how do I make it sound like the original

Punyapat Fungtammasarn says:

Super helpful, thanks !

Adonai says:

great fookin video m8

Justin Newman says:

That was tight as F*ck, nice job

Andy Estrada says:

This is awesome man, Thank you so much

David Valliere says:

Great video. I’ll be looking for your tutorials again when I need to learn more as I explore Logic. Thank you!

Brian Craig says:

How do you add reverb impulse to fat up the tone?

Brad Confer says:

This was terrific. Thanks

Ruben Olsen says:

i love logic

IamJackCash says:

Can you send me some UK Bass samples 🙂

Justin Andrews says:

Is it possible to sample and isolate instrument drum tones from an album and use as defaults for each instrument in Finale Notation?

Lisa Potthoff says:

Can’t wait to give this a go. Thanks!

Sam Southfield says:

What is the other sampler that doesn’t change the speed? And do you have a link to that tutorial! Liked this one very much man! learned a lot from it:D

Jade Cervantes says:

what do i do if the kick sounds distorted?

MADUD. says:

Thanks for your precious advices ! love your work man ! such great tutos pretty well explained !

ItzCnellyBoi says:

Im tryign to use my own voice and I dragged and dropped my audio file into the piano but when i press a key on the piano, theres no audio coming out of it. PLZ HELP

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