F9 Tips – 10 Logic Pro X Tips You can’t afford to miss


F9 Audio presents… 10 Of the Finest Logic Pro tips we’ve gathered over using it since version 4 !
Chapters ( Thank you to Davide Drake Bocci )

2/ DEFAULTS 5:42
3/ THE CHOP 7:31
4/ THE RISER 12:29
6/ DIY CHORUS 19:07
7/ COMP CLIP 21:43
8/ FLEX LOCK 26:10
9/ STRETCH 27:54
10/ HIDE 29:53

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F9 Massive patches – Future classic collection :

F9 Zuess modular FX :



shawn gibson says:

do some overdrive cause phase issues…… fyi use
LINEAR PHASE eq on bass sound helps or a TILT EQ -6 less step the slope u get less not sure how it works in logic tho

Brian Robben says:

Great content. I will share it with a friend!

oxytronix says:

hell when i see your workflow i get headache 🙂 awesome and thank you for the hint with the distortion its very helpfull for my shattering drum sounds and wo warming my synths 🙂 ver nice video

FLO says:

best thing ever

Mopsie says:


The Son Of John says:

This video is incredibly helpful. Will definitely be trying these and you’ve got a new sub!

Robsongs says:

Golden tips… thank you!

Saro Min says:

Awesome video!!!

Vince Tuckwood says:


RCKins says:

To be honest the stuff in this video blew me away, thanks so much for making this video!! i really learnt alot

Aziz Ghani says:

thanx a lot for the awesomw tips the best i have ever seen.

Theolivernight says:

Brilliant! Hide and vocal thickening techniques will be a constant for me 🙂

Randy Salazar says:

Your voice sounds amazing lmao

Dan Pepper says:

I agree with the guys below, Excellent. I’ve been debating about switching from Pro Tools to Logic, this was superb!

simon lloyd says:

i’m shit on Logic.

Claire says:

Dude what a tutorial. thanks!

Adam Hovey says:

This. is. amazing. So many shortcuts to things Ive been looking for. Keep em coming

Derek Jones says:


H. Bell says:

I have a question. I used the chop on a guitar track I recorded which is a recurring C chord. When I move the chord up and down the keyboard it remains as a C. If use Pitch Shifter to change the chord, it changes it for the entire track. Is there a way to adjust pitch just for a single midi note when you use this method? Thanks. (By the way, I had no idea you could do this until I saw this)

Bendik Mihle says:

Fantastic Video!

Chip Gaasche says:

This is why so much modern music sucks.

Eugene Rider says:

What up ishyoboiiiiii!

Tim Roberts says:

Great tips. Thank you for sharing!


great stuff

Ikenna Funken says:

start with a what? great tut

TorgoFraNorgo says:

I’ve been using Logic for over 10 years, and you taught me several things I didn’t know. Damn! Great video.

Pawel Walentynski says:

Absolutely wicked set of tips!!!!

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