Film Scoring Masterclass with Logic Pro X

A Film Scoring Masterclass from Guildhall’s Electronic Music Department, a dynamic masterclass focusing on the recording and production of a hybrid film score using both virtual and real instruments with Apple Logic Pro X.

Hosted by Guildhall professor Jono Buchanan and joined by musicians on stage, this masterclass takes you through a complete production workflow from composing, arranging and recording, to editing and mixing.

See experts at work, as Jono directs an orchestra, records live on stage and manipulates the results on a large-screen projection.

Find out more about Electronic Music at the Guildhall School at:

Take an Evening Class in Logic Pro X at Guildhall in 2019, with Beginners and Advanced courses offered:


Guildhall School of Music & Drama says:

Guildhall are offering Evening Class in Logic Pro X this spring, with Beginners (from Feb 2019) and Advanced (from April 2019) courses on offer. Find out more at:

Brian Parker says:

Phenomenal stuff again from the Guildhall. I’m learning so much seeing a professional workflow in these masterclasses.

TayoMusic says:

please, do you offer online curses? I’m based in Italy.

Quinn Aden Photography & Videography says:

I just want to say, Jono, after you played your strings section for the first time I cheered out loud 😀
Not sure how nobody in the audience did…!

Michael Palombo says:

I only can say: This is an absolutely amazing walkthrough all phases of film composing, recording inclusive producing stems for the director.
This master class is a must for everyone who wants to be involved into film music.

Dipta Koiri says:

I think Articulation Mapping didn’t clear for me in 46.38..Can Anybody Help Regarding That?i am using Cubase 9.2 Pro ..

actonblue2012 says:

This is a brilliant video I am not a Logic user but there was a large amount of useful information that I can use for writing and mixing in my Daw. The 2 hours flew by. Thank you.

timbald says:

I have never watched a 2hr you tube video. Ever. Until today. Stunning & informative. Thank you Guildhall.

Ryan Hickey says:

Phenomenal. Probably the only 2 hour video I’ve ever watched on Youtube.

Vasyl Chekmak says:

Fantastic! These guys are genius! I am really impressed! Thank you!

杨老师 says:


manish kumar says:

Why every final stem is mono ? , just asking

Jérémie 28 says:

How do you choose your tempo to be on the good transitions with the images and the music???

Chris Nahayo says:

i want to attend your school. but i have financial problem. please help

Alex K says:

Thanks again Guildhall. This is outstanding masterclass series. Absolutely gorgeous. We need more of this.

JohnHartemusic says:

Thanks for this class, I learned a lot. Will need to watch a few more times.

Quinn Aden Photography & Videography says:

Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing this, I even took notes as if I were in school again. Can you tell me what the name of the midi controller he was using was?

Eva Stuiver says:

Amazing lesson!

steelwiz says:

GENIUS PRESENTATION.Thank you so very much. I have learnt so much more about logic pro x key commands tools and stock plugs to speed/enhance up my work flow and tighten up my productions.

Chris Jordan says:

Hello Jono, Thanks for this MARVELLOUS Masterclass in Film scoring. Could you please reiterate all the Key Commands and Shortcuts used in this masterclass? Thanks in Advance! Chris

Graphene Music says:

incredible masterclass once again, best Logic workflow I’ve seen. BTW what key comand is that for snapping to playhead?! thank you

Paul Jones says:

There are no words to express how good this is! Fantastic!!

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