How To Create Timeless EDM Tracks (Logic Pro X Tutorial)

How To Create Perfect EDM Kicks (Logic Pro X Tutorial)

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I was asked several times to show you guys how i created my EDM beats, so here’s a first high-level introduction to how i approach composing electronic music based on strong musical fundamentals: emotional chords, catchy and simple melodies and effective arrangements relying on intense build ups and drops.

Here’s an overview of the video:

0:36 Step #1: Let’s start off with 3 or 4 simple chords. The goal is to convey an emotion: hope, anger, love, anything! After we have found a pleasing chord progression, it’s time to experiment with different voicings, rhythmic patterns, arpeggios, whatever supports the mood and groove.

3:25 Step #2: Let’s use the midi data and have a synth play it. Do not hesitate to separate the frequencies: keep the lower notes and create a bassline, delete the bass and choose a solid polyphonic sound for the main chords, etc. LAYER sounds, create something unique!

5:48 Step #3: The magic and uniqueness of EDM lies in the sequencing with the clever use of build ups followed by drops in a cycle of quiet parts followed by intense parts, but ALWAYS with transitions that will not confuse the listener. It is an art an takes a LOT of practice.

This is a broad subject, and i know you’ll have many more questions, but i’m laying the foundation here so we can go forward with more specific tutorials down the road.

In the meantime, create awesome EDM music and share it!



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Dr. Sounds - Music for Yoga and Meditation says:

Where can I download the presets for this project?

Sebastián Gonzales says:

Awesome video brah!


Nice stuff mate.. -TRS-Records

Miles Peckover says:

Listen bro if you’re going to chat about going back to fundamentals talking about chords and melodies then please at least use some interesting chords. Arguably, EDM is plagued more by those four chords than by too much “groove”.

Rohil Javeri says:

In the beginning of the tutorial how did you get the piano chord progression to sound natural rather than the monotony in logic?

theproductmusic says:

This is an amazing tutorial. Thank you so much for putting in the time to make such an incredible video.

kirby powell says:

Please… Please what is the name of this song I need it I’ve looked everywhere.. Can’t find it, please tell me you finished it and released it, thank you.


Wow what a great song. i felt that.

Dopryn Wilson says:

which piano you are using?

KUTE says:

So nice video 🙂

Thomas Fedrigotti says:

Hey, which guitar do you use? thx for the tutorial

Reece Wilde says:

when you say switch to synths what do you mean ? how you do that ? I’m new to logic

Xenon Edits says:

Is there any chance to get the Project File of it?
for me that one was to fast and I would love to see every detail step by step 🙂
But other than that, it is sick 😀

Ethan Cannoy says:

Less “um”s will make you 10 times as popular. Interact with your viewers, rather than just making these videos. YouTube is a place for interaction. It’s not just you show us, it’s we work together. Remember that, and your channel will be much more popular.

XVII says:

I used to think beauty was defined by a physical concept of predefined expectations. I have never been so wrong.

LilPhez says:

you talk to much!

KeyQualizer says:

Is there a way fans can send you stuff to show you what we made?

Liam Poppert says:

Where do you get those kinds of plugins? The instruments sound fantastic

DJ ME Bay Shore says:

This ‘tutorial’ sucks. how are you teaching anything. youre just showing us what youve made.

Ryuuhou Studios says:

Most programs are very similar to eachother, this will work well with my Studio One 3 Artist edition 🙂

Mile-Hi Aviation | HD Aviation Content says:

How do you make the beautiful pattern with the piano chords?

Charles Leax says:


alex aramini says:

Einaudi – nuvole bianche chords

Link Hylian says:

Regarding your synth sounds, what 3rd party VST’s do you use?? Whenever I record MIDI it either sounds really cheap or cheesy. Feedback is greatly appreciated! 🙂

47TUNE says:

Can somebody please tell me how the chord progression was translated into the little pattern?

J Prana says:

This was extremely helpful. Thank you

אביעד סבג says:

got some plugins to send me please? 🙂

Bomber Gaming says:

What triads did you start with?

freeDAWtips says:

He called the DROP a chorus

Wunder Wulfe says:

its nice but needs a bit more layering on chords so that theres not so much empty space perhaps?

FettyGranger says:

Not very helpful, you show like: I did that and that and that, and this all together is an EDM, show how you do everything, it would be a 1hour video, but id would be helpful for beginners in logic.

iwish itwassnowing says:

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to make this video. Do you think you could explain in a bit more detail how you made the “boom” sound for the drums at the drop part? I’ve been looking around on youtube but haven’t been able to find the relevant information. Thanks a lot!

- MrNyanCat - says:

Really cool video. I’am from Belarus but American EDM is the best in the world in my opinion)))

Cajetan Dsouza says:

what kick sound is that … my first shot at edm at age 37 😉

Lock / Loud says:

Gr8 video man ! 🙂
Can you give us some free templates for logic ? 🙂

Kyle Pebesma says:

hello great video! I have a question regarding the synths, I can get all of the stuff before and i understand it but how do you go from the melody to the synth? do you copy and paste it into the something 3rd party? I don’t understand how this works, any help would be greatly appreciated. sorry for a stupid question lol

Amar Kumar says:

Awesome tutorial or I should say a time less tutorial. 🙂
I loved the way you have got it all organized with all the names and all.
I have just started learning Logic Pro and I was wondering if you can share the project file with me? It would help me with the structure and elements to be used in the song.

Thank you.

Joel Reed says:

Hey guys I’m 16 and just wanting some tips for my songs!

suchdoge says:

personally I love groove I actually like the current crop of EDM but yes if you incorporate strong melodies and what not with groove my goodness

47TUNE says:

The thinnest lips I’ve ever seen on a dude

KeyQualizer says:

Where can I find the song you made in this video? It’s amazing and I really wanna hear the full version

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