How to Make a Beat in Logic Pro 10.3 – A Step by Step guide of Beat Making in Logic Pro X

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NOTE: This course is for Mac users only and you must have access to Logic Pro X and a Apple Mac to use it

In this video I show you my technique for creating a beat in Logic Pro X whilst using the version Logic 10.3.0.

This video will quickly cover topics such finger drumming, locking the drums with the kick and music theory for writing keyboard parts.

What you’ll learn in this video will allow you to understand the basics of creating a beat in Logic Pro X.

Learn to love Logic Pro X and make music with it

Video Goals :-
• Understand how to record separate drum parts
• How to lock the bass in with the drums
• To think like a drummer and a bassist.
• Think of a keyboard as a harmonic instrument
• Understand the basics of music theory for writing keyboard parts

Below is the times for the different lectures in this video :-

0:00 – 0:54 Introduction
0:54 – 13:42 Lecture 1, The Drums
13:42 – 25:27 Lecture 2, The Bass
25:27 – 40:10 Lecture 3, The Keyboards and Synths
40:10 – 40:28 Thank You and What’s Next?

The Bonus section I talk about in this video is below:-

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Yvette Moore- Singer Songwriter says:

HI TOMAS GEORGE! I need help with my Logic Pro X program; do I need 16gRAM on my MAC, to make the program work efficiently?? Please LMK soon….Thanks!

johnstav74 says:

what headphones you are using for production?

LTGold007 says:

Thx for your knowledge.

rotimi gbenga says:

Well done Mate! I really enjoyed your video. I don’t even have logic pro x yet, but i’m in the process of getting it having watched your amazing tutorial.

Nicholas Albert says:

you make great videos

BroHangout says:

Great video man! You have no idea how much I appreciate your very pedagogical way of explaining things.

anand10ful says:

Awesome video tomas…thanks a lot for the great lesson learnt by me

Cameron Ciambotti says:

Super helpful. Thanks so much!

Jason Ryan Brenner says:

In midi effects you can use the transpose plugin sometimes for people that don’t understand chords

JIB AAA says:

Awesome man . Thanx

sagar bakshi says:

how to create musical track for vocal ?
i am very confuse that which instrument should i use for making track, please help me.
i am using logic pro x 10.3.2

Steen Kelså says:

You’d think someone like would know that the RED cable on his headphones goes on the RIGHT ear….

Michelle Wong says:

I dont have certain loops like vocal and saxophone or other genres youve in your logic pro. How do I download loops for free?

Jon Vincent says:

Did try to make a purchase but the website is down.

stevefrommi says:

Lovin ya lectahs!!! Than-kyah!

benjamin nyaberi says:

how can i contact you?

Lights says:

I’m by no means an expert at using Logic, but I know enough to work with it just fine. Some of which is thanks to your introductory tutorial, so thank you for that! But I was wondering if you could perhaps weigh in on a question I have. I mostly work with song stems and do stuff like stem mixes and mashups and the like, but I’ve been wanting to begin producing my own music. I definitely know how to work with stems in Logic as it is, but I also want to learn how to use Ableton and I see you offer courses in that as well. So my question is, would it be better to stick to Logic for production purposes for now since I already know how to work it and take on Ableton later, or should I just take on Ableton now? I’ve had some experience with Ableton before, but not enough to do anything I do in Logic with it. So what are the advantages of both Logic and Ableton, does it depend on personal preference which one is better? Thanks!

TheOne says:

I got to the part where you started recording the hats, you didn’t get very descriptive like you were before you and completely lost me lol off to different video

Johannes says:

Thank you so much for the tutorial, great stuff 🙂

Is everything in your course done in Logic Pro 10.3 as well? Just wondering… I guess it doesn’t even matter that much, I presume the differences between the 10.3 version and earlier versions are not that big?

Nathan Brown says:

Hey I have a question how do you get logic to copy and paste the way you did and lay on the grid the bars I do the same with mine but it doesn’t drop on the following bar

Sagar Instru says:

Great tutorial 🙂

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