How To Make A Trap Beat In Logic Pro X (Using Stock Sounds)

Making a quick Trap beat in Logic Pro X using stocks sounds only. Are Logic Pro X’s stock sounds good enough? This week we’re sending the beat off to Sean Divine to mix on his channel. Links below.

Trap Attack DMD:

Sean Divine’s Channel:
Mix Video:


Starter Pack:


Trap Attack DMD:
Trap Attack II:


Popular Progressions:


Microphone: Rode NT1-A –
Audio Interface: Scarlett 2i2 –
Keyboard: Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2 –
Monitors: Mackie MR5s –
Groove box: Maschine MK3 –




catherine nadine says:

hey great vid!! i gots a question tho… how do you get to that role rate thingy? is it a stock feature as well?

NazTheArtist says:

keep it up bro

Yng Taco Vuitton says:

Why doesnt my Logic have the legacy drum kit?

Coolwhip says:

i don’t really use the apple loops simple because i forgot about them but i like the 1 you used its smoov… I’m going to see if i can change a few things

Prod By S Higo says:

how did you send your project to sean? I’ve tried through email and it doesn’t let me send emails over 25mb?

Revem Beats says:

Love the vibe! Good job

liam fowler says:

how do you keep the tempo of the sample the slow while the track tempo is much quicker???

AyoBri says:

Hi Stefan. Can you make a video on how to use the MK2 with Logic stock sounds? I know how to use it while using the Maschine plugin but haven’t been able to get it to work with stock Logic sounds

Ruben Olsen says:

. Love it!

cleptomanixx says:

very nice future shit !

PhenominalGamer HD says:

I loved it you are awesome

davidson says:

How did you set the rolls in the drum machine designer? i just cant figure that part out. great video btw!!

Niklas Brag says:

hey man! could you explain how you get the option to make the “roll rates”? cause I don’t have that option in my drum machine designer… thanks for the help bruh !

blake ross says:

thanks for this video, how were you using the Maschine to input MIDI?

kooleo says:

do u mix your beats yourself before you selling them or do u send it to someone to mix it like sean divine? or both? thanks

EngeniusBeatz says:

Sean Divine Sent me here great beat and the mix Sean added was dope !

Kamohelo Morgan says:

Yo man love the content, one question. The finger snap you used in the B-section, what kit is that from?

sxy says:

Just started working with Logic. This Video is great to get started. Subed and thanks!

Blaze. says:

Might be an off the wall question here but is there anything that I can use in logic that is similar to gross beat?!

cooquidog says:

love your videos man! keep it up!!!

Klutch Paxx says:

dope video but this more of an R&B than trap beat in my opinion


hello!Can u tell me what’s u usually use drum sound? Is it battery 4

David Escobar says:

hey man !! awesome video. can you help me though? how can i modify the drum machine designer ? cant figure it out haha.

Foul Manner says:


Lemie Bizz says:

this helped a lot and the beat firrrrrreeeee!!!

Steven Hanger says:

switch wood stock hit for snare

JT Fuller says:

WHUTTTTTTTTTTT, Sean Divine.. Ya’ll taught me how to use Logic.
I put it in my video last year man.. This is FANTASTIC STEFAN…. ya’ll met and that’s amazing, he is mixing your track.. I can’t wait man.. This is a blessing to hear.. Yaahhhhh…….
I will prove it to ya’ll.. CHECK TI OUT. I learned how to make beats from Stefan learned how to mix with Sean Diving. I am blowed away right now..

pluug pluug says:

this too fire

King HD says:

thanks for making this video! how did you make your high hat roll?

spaceyaliens says:

Hello Stefan just a question as i think you may know and i am going insane over trying to find out. How come i can only record from plugins like omnisphere 2, geist 2 and battery 4 into logic by using my midi controller. the sequncer on geist 2 says its playing but wont be recording onto logic? Thanks alot mate i hope you can help im going mad

my wallet says:

Can you make a beat like Mick Jenkins’s “Prosperity”?

Yacus Minati says:

Hey buddy! How did you setup the keys to play the hi hats continuosly like that? Right at the 2:06 minute. Thanks bro!

Ricky Fiallos says:

I’ve had trap attack for weeks downloaded but I can’t figure out how to pull it up on logic help!

Frostbite Beatz says:

Nice! Have you ever used the Ultra Beat plug-in? If so, can you tell me how many different types of drum kits it has? I’m upgrading and I need lots of popping herd snares banging kick drums.

ancho roy says:

which is laptop do you using in this video

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