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ElectrikMe says:

Is Alex Rome working for this company?

arvey guihama says:

great video and so simple. any finished songs?

Logan Woods says:

Where is game?

3RI5 says:

Dude You Rock!!!

Charles Leax says:

Wow just great. I still have a lot of probs in logic 🙁

Greg Stewart says:

You usually want 9 bars because it gives you room for a “transition bar” or “drop bar” at the end, especially if you want the melody roll as the main verse between choruses. Any thing less gets to repetitious. if your just doing a foundation mid/bass chord that will then be harmonized with a high pluck main lead then 4 bars is fine but if repeated to 8 bars then a moded chord transition at the last 4 bars or less is a good idea especially if the verse is a 16. First 8 basic with last bar transition second 8 the same but with the last 4-2 bars a heavy transition. PS. you should have separate tracks for mid/low chord and high highlight lead because you could introduce some ducking between the two to add play between the sounds as well as clarity due to individual compressors, EQ’s, and bus inputs, etc, etc. To even more punch you can make a sum track for all three track instrument(high, mids and lows) to add a depth to the harmony. REGARDLESS NOT CRITICIZING AT ALL. You provided a huge help to a writers block i have been suffering with for the last two weeks now. GREAT VID. I found it very helpful. It is comforting to see that you are making melody as the foundation rather than relying on powerful synths to exagerate basic melody and harmony. To it again, sound vid bro , filthy. lol Further great to see that I’m not the only one that relays on ear.

Fisher Brown says:

just steal his video how about that

Akshay Shandilya says:

Great tutorial! But my ES 2 synthesizer plug in does not show any factory default settings. Its a pretty short menu that displays only “manual” on top instead of factory default.

Jesse Johnson says:

You rock bro!

Charles Alison says:

first chord G# MAJOR , 2nd chord is D# MAJOR ,3rd chord is G# MAJOR and the last chord is A# MAJOR ……..PLS GAME CORRECT ME IF AM WRONG

Budderedupbro says:

Why does logic look identical to GarageBand?

Hi says:

This is just Alex Rome 100% no diff

Eric says:

i like this guy

Aqw Boss says:

how do i open the thing to edit the technocords and make it 0

Horchata Central says:

anyone know what he did for the track 2 to come up?

J. Widtfield says:

you didn’t make a end at your track dude!!


Wow awesome tutorial. I heard everything and did exactly as you did and now i know how to make my own edm lead chords! Thanks

Oliver Fraser says:

Omg I have been so stuck with where to start when creating a melody and this has really boosted that process for me. Thank you so much!

Philip Larsson says:

That is alex rome


Why i cant place notes like you with pencil mine opens up options what to do if i click with pencil plz help

Audio Jack says:

Amazing so helpful

Hamlet's Question says:

Great video, but a thing I’d add is that you need to explain everything you’re doing. because there are a coupe spots during the video you’re just doing stuff and not talking.

Macklin McPhee says:

its hard to believe this man doesn’t know theory, that sounded beautiful.

Jac de Wet says:

Really helpful video, thanks 😀

Greg Stewart says:

Quick question though do you modify your channel eq, compressor, and tape delay or the esx24 to involve presets to provide you with a high to bass foundation alowing a melody to either be more provide a low lead which you can after add high effects or a high lead that after can be complimented with low effects such as low sub boosters?

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