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Max Dart says:

Da start sounds like 7 news intro

Johnny Sutherland says:

Epic Evolved Hip-hop sound definitely will get the listener involved in the music.



Noel Acevedo says:


Slaughter House Entertainment Company says:

thanks for sharing the knowledge!!

Timothy Stephen says:

Wow this great man like it

NightEye says:

The link in your description is broken.

Hari Om says:

Eye of the tiger!!

Emcee S. says:

Sorry, but this is not Hip Hop….smh. It’s true, when everybody starts doing what was created by one culture of people that expression is NO LONGER unique. It becomes readily accessible and dies due to over saturation and dilution.
It’s obvious people who know NOTHING about Hip Hop is killing it’s soul.
You can have all the software in the world. The most powerful technology at your disposal. Every sound imaginable at your fingertips. It would do you know good because Hip Hop is a Culture, it’s not a formula or recipe, it’s a culture that has a soul and a heartbeat. Corporate America has taken hip hop and turned into hot garbage and made it accessible to the masses which is why many agree Hip Hop is dead.

Moi Sultan says:


Emcee S. says:

You can’t go to school and learn Hip Hop/ Soul…smh. It’s not buying a piece of furniture from Ikea. Geez, this world had made people stupid, they don’t understand or respect culture. They don’t understand some things in life are a result of a persons ethnicity, culture, and soul. Somethings are just innate, from within.

TheWolfeWithAnE says:

more like orchestral house


dope beat homie. where is that snare from in the verses. that sh!t is bananas.

sparkfirehot says:

Yooo plz I gotta have that beat fam I promise I’ll kill it and send u a copy back

Roberts Ozolins says:

Sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing. I don’t understand why people would even dislike this video.

Bryson Ruud says:

Uhhh sounds uhhhm pretty uhh good

Mical Walcott says:


Max Dart says:

Man I sure do love the hippity hopz

Kofy Spot says:

Dope ass beat. 2 thumbs up

kameruni says:

hy! great work dude!!can you please tell me which plugins you used for this track?many many thanks… 😉

Tomas Novotny says:

How did you do the beat? Or what loops did you use?

Jaden Renaud says:

This is the shittiest tutorial I’ve ever seeing

Kid Front says:

horrible video please take it down

Kierse Edwards says:

What are thoseeeeee

TheWolfeWithAnE says:


Zack Ingraham says:

Great video. Ready to take the next step and make songs instead of just loops. #Epic

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