How to Master a Track in Logic Pro X – Music Production Lesson | Mastering using Stock Plugins

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This video is all about mastering in Logic Pro X, just using Logic’s stock plugins.

Mastering is really the final touches for you mix which includes adding harmonics and presence and colour to the track, also making your track a bit brighter and also a bit louder.

In this video I’m going to show you how to EQ, multi band compress, enhance the stereo image and also limit your track in Logic Pro X.

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TheOfficialSiNN says:

Aren’t you supposed to master with stems? Like drums separated kick drum and so on?

Rajesh Waghade says:

Very clear instructions and it’s just amazing exposure to this area of production. Great learning and I will surely try by myself for my songs, Thankyou so much for sharing this knowledge, have a great day ahead !!!

CZvegito says:

Why does logic have stereo out and master separately. It would be easier if logic had only master.

INRA says:

Do you prefer mastering Bounced tracks or does it even matter whether its bounced or midi?

David L says:

This video helped me more then any books I’ve came across have. I’m not the type of person who can read and learn Im a visual learner

H M Mehedi Hasan Niloy Official says:

Thank you so Much Tomas George… This Video is so Helpful for me.. Please Upload a full project Tutorial.

Raj Thakur Vocalist says:

How to treble voice

L says:


808 overdrive says:

really big thank you!

AJ Smith says:

Subscribed! Thank you for this beautiful lesson.

joeefenmama says:

As straight forward as it gets. Great tutorial

Charlie Roddis says:

Just used this tutorial to master my track and it helped me loads! Thank you very much man! Keep up the good work!

Mark Mark says:

Hi Tomas, and thanks for the videos. I hope you can help me with a LOUDNESS problem I’m having with Logic Pro X, latest version (and I only use Logic’s tools, no 3rd party plug-ins etc, also maybe important no miced instruments, only the voice is miced, the rest is cabled to the macbook, and I use Drummer, no live drums)… Concerning loudness and getting tracks to be as loud as those in online streaming sites: I uploaded one of my songs to an online streamer and noticed it was not as loud as all the others, which are all uniformly loud (same level). It was not drastically less loud but noticeably so. And I have followed the mixing/mastering tutorials and have mixed my songs so that there is headroom for mastering (max level using logic’s Level Meter at -3db). My songs are dynamic so the level is always bouncing and is typically way under -3db (range normally about -9db to -3db). I then master and use the gain boost in the Adaptive Limiter to push up the LUFS in Logic’s Loudness Meter to around -10db. This fixed my problem for that song. So I went on to my other tracks, which I had previously mixed and mastered with somewhat less attention paid to this particular issue. Immediately with the very next song I chose to work on to get its level also up to the online standard of perceived loudness, I noticed that despite getting a good mix that also left headroom by having peak levels not exceeding -3db, then mastering and boosting gain with the Adaptive Limiter, I could not make the LUFS level budge from about -17db. This song is more dynamic, and the vocal track is too loud in a couple spots where I noticed that the voice maxed out the level meters momentarily in a couple spots, so in the mix on those vocal tracks I went to the compressor in the track and reduced the input gain slightly to the point where those maxed-out spots were no longer maxed. Anyway, even if I push the gain in the Adaptive Limiter all the way to 12 the LUFS level won’t move and I just end up with distortion. I’ve been able to boost gain (turn the gain dial) up to about 8 but not higher if I wanted to avoid distortion. I may have moved the LUFS level a couple of points (maybe from -19 to -17) but that’s all. So this song is not going to sound as loud as it should when it is uploaded (I didn’t upload it yet but I assume this will be the result). What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

Paolo Brian says:

Thanks a lot!

Unhooked Unhooked says:

Awesome mate. Thanks

William Harrison says:

excellent video. thanks for the helpful tips

Trade Whales says:

So is it any better than isotope mastering suite or can Logic Pro x basically due the same for mastering?

Winn Alexander says:

Thanks man. This was really helpful.

james sachin says:

whats your overall master volume set at?

Alo Wiza says:

Thank you!!, This was very helpful ❤️

Colonel2142 says:

The initial track you are starting with, is it just a bounce of the raw mix that you moved into a new project?

Tor Henning Olsen says:

Thanks, great tutorial!

QING OZ says:

my go to video for mastering my own tracks. such a great video!

Chris Fitzgerald says:

i wouldnt apply dithering to a non compressed wav file dude, and 48 kHz is web standard

Prashant Sharma says:

Awesome tutorial.This is what i was looking for. Very neatly explained. Thanks very much.
I’ve a question:- If I need to add gain to boost volume, where should I add in the order of plugins you added? Is adaptive limiter suitable for boosting the master volume if tiny.

sjcongo says:

Better go to a master pro 😉 this is not mastering

Michael McKenzie says:

What do you do when you find phase problems with the DirMix?

Paul Smith says:

WOW, I’m not sure how you could advise people in a more incorrect way than you have in this video. You don’t start by actually listening to the song. To what it may need. The term is headroom not headspace.You think it needs an exciter for top end without listening to it? All pro mastering engineers I know would only pull up a multi band compressor to fix something that is terribly wrong and altering the multitrack mix is out of the question. You don’t even mention attack and release times for compression, very crucial. Imaging is phase altering wide at 2, not ‘stereo’. Use the gain plugin and click the mono button, much less confusing for newbies to check in mono. It may also help if you explain briefly what they are listening for with an example. Your analyser is analysing in mono but you’re listening in stereo. Check the phase again after you add the ‘Spread’ as all the spread is doing to achieve its goal is to screw with the phase, often, to the detriment of the song as a whole. This is not pro mastering or even in the right direction of pro mastering.

Chris Clairmont says:

Thank you so much! This was extremely helpful.

Willy Z says:

So mastering is just specializing your instrumental top line up with your vocals and just brushing up the beat right

leon Soul says:

Man you literally plagiarized the video of MusicHelpGuy. Not cool! Plus this master needs some eq, that’s the most important part of mastering!!

Danijel Robnik says:

omg …dear sir…thank u so muchhh

Ricozzy Evanz says:

thank you…..

Ketan Kalsi says:

man you are amazing, it helped me alot.. thank you sooooo much ö

Brendan Hayes says:

THanks. Great help. No waffle,. self-promotion or time-wasting. Thanks again.

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