How to Mix Drake X Future X Lil Uzi Vert X Lil Yachty Vocals Logic TUTORIAL For Beginners

How to Mix Drake X Future X Lil Uzi Vert X Lil Yachty Vocals Logic TUTORIAL For Beginners

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Free Download Whats Love The Mixtape Blayke Bz

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logictemplates com says:

rocking ripper keep it up.

Blayke BzVEVO says:

$25 To Mix And Master A Song Artist Hit Me Up On Here Or Contact Me At


lets workkkkk @catcheyeskc instagram youtube,,mixing hmu features

Calyp Smith says:

aye my nigga. u da real MVP for dis shit !!!!

Krow says:

He don’t really know what he is doing. He’s not properly educating the viewers on how to mix. He’s basically saying apply almost everything you see me do to your mix. Thats not helping viewers. Not bashing you, but you stated early in the video that other people tutorials really get into detail on how to mix. Yours didn’t either. To be honest you don’t even understand what you’re doing. I’m not the best engineer, but I can do a way more professional mix than this.

Alex Valenzuela aka Rezen Cast N Reel Productions says:

Good lookin out on this helpful video Brody! If you wanna Make another video you should aim at how to Mix and master the beat now

Tcat812 says:

what effects are u using mucary or what

Robert DeVivo says:

ur ab east

Dennis Berggren says:

Great video! Thanks for much!

johnny snaps says:

More videos please

Young Ty says:

Shit sound like ass

Melohype Will Music says:

are everything except 1 of these are stock plugins ?

dayaya wilson says:

yo, wtf does a bus do?

damian jr. says:

you sound like lil yachty

ZaJaKson Stylez says:

My Dude, you need to start some consulting work. Charger $200 a hour, show up to client’s homes or studio and teach them Mix&Mas principles.

Timothy Walker says:

yo nice This vid answer Almost Every Motha—–fucking Question i had for the past 4 Damn months. I Click the fuck out of that subscribe button. I been in the lab grinding trying to learn all this stuff. I treat it like a video game and honestly it feels like one too. Learning and honing the shit out my craft and learning new forbidden jutsu. I feel like orichimaru in cave lmao. Its worth it though. But thanks alot I sat through this vid and took notes and can honestly say this was wonderful. Happiness is what this brought me. No Joke man. Email me at tim12e4@gmail .com . I would like it if you could interpret some of my beats and just tell me flat out what going wrong im willing and want to do all the work myself.

Kane Hunt says:


Melohype Will Music says:

how much do you charge for engineering ? thats dope

Brodi White says:

You got my mix on point breh…quick too. All that shit wit bussing and sends is wayyyy to much work for rap vocals…good look forreals!

Mason Miller says:

Thank you so much

Hype Henry says:

Dope stuff man! Just got this software. Been using audacity. You helped me out a ton I will be dropping some songs again soon. Once I get the hang of it. Check my channel out peace man.

MarionFrank says:

This is how all tutorials need to be!! I learned SO MUCH in less than 20 minutes! DOPE job bro. I subscribed and I’ll most likely be contacting you to send you some records to mix and master.


how can i get that fliter for the beat bro

Tha Don says:

good video! but when I tried that sample delay it made my vocals sound really phased and tin-like. I tried turning to down and it sounds alright when it’s player through the headphones but after I bounce it and put it through the speakers it sounds nasty

HitMen Production Group says:

There are some nice takeaways in this tutorial! Salute!

khalife27 says:

what other plug-in’s for a compressor do you suggest if you don’t have cla-76?

Lil Nap - says:

how do i get these plug ins on logic


is this the same Logic that comes with the Mac computer?
nice video btw

Drop Top Cardeo says:

where is this song I wanna download it

Hermez the O.M.G Legend-Topic says:

whats the name of this song

don jefe says:

lol this nigga funny low key i fux wit ya bro hahahaha frfr check out my shit that i recordedd myself


I LOVE THIS GUY (pause) IMMEDIATE SUB … Good looking bro

TravQ says:

I have logic but where did you get those effects? also when I add effects it adds them to the entire track including the beat

Benji LDN says:

this is the best music tutorial channel ever, and the music he makes is dope too clever lyrics

De'locx says:

My Sample delay doesn’t have L & R controller only has One call Delay.

don jefe says:

i think we all use the type beat mthod on youtube

T Fontava says:

how do i get the L1+ Ultramaximizer FX?

Christopher Mosley says:

“Look just do what im telling you to do!” lol. Do all of these tools you used come with Logic Pro X or do I need to download some stuff to be able to do all of this?

Jose Sanchez says:

LMAO this dude is so aggressive…. thanks for the video!!

Blayke BzVEVO says:

Go Get My New Mixtape Asap Free Download Whats Love The Mixtape Blayke Bz

Free Download Whats Love The Mixtape Blayke Bz

Hii C says:

you a goat man thanks for the help

Evrard Nguimfack says:

My nigga sound like he mad

Million Real says:

how you do a sample delay lol

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