How To Use Apple LOGIC Pro X EXS24 Sampler

In this tutorial, Minneapolis Media Institute Audio & Recording Arts Program Specialist, Steve Yeager, shows how to chop up a vocal sample and load it into the EXS sampler for further manipulation.

After the sample is loaded in the EXS, he’ll also show you how to do some clever programming of the sample with the step input keyboard to create the classic stutter effect.


Ima god says:


El Rubio says:

Why doesnt mine have edit


Error message: EXS24 instrument ” Chops I saved” not found! HELP! I dont want to go back to using Reasons lol

XxGRFclanXx says:

thank you so much mate❤

YeagerBeats says:

A lot more of my tutorials at YeagerBeats

Gabriel Brown says:

where tf do I get audio files? I’ve been trying to find audio files to input to work on these samples but I can’t even find where to download them

Chandler Martin says:

I don’t have an edit button. Can anyone help me with this?

Vinyl Sounds Music says:

hey thanks i couldn’t find the edit option and you just showed how to get it. subscribed

Logan Nestman says:

why cant i hear the sample when i play a key???!!!

OneWhole Entertainment says:

You Rock!

Asap Perc says:

Thank you

ozbrookes says:

Excellent tut…thanks!

Planctoon says:

nice vid brah

Jonathon Warnberg says:

Great video – thanks!

One thing – when I try to drag my chop into the edit window of the sampler, control doesn’t work as right click – it just gives me a menu of options for the chop.

Wesley Nilsen says:

It doesn’t let me drag the audio file from the project into the sampler. It tells me it’s “loading 0 samples” and does absolutely nothing. What’s going on?

Jason Turner says:

Let’s say I wanted to keep the differently pitched samples, is there a way to keep the time from stretching/shrinking? So all the differently pitched samples take the same amount of time to play?

Diego Barberà says:

great video! thanks a lot

twostep919 says:

Great vid.. but my sampler only plays when I solo the instrument track.. any ideas?

Tara Walsh says:

Awesome tutorial! Thanks 🙂

used & abused says:

Thanks so much!

maelgwni says:

Very cool, thank you!!!

Envioushark says:

Some of my samples sound bad and disoriented how can i fix them anyone?

Veteran Raver says:

Hello, I can drag my sample into the EXS24 but it wont play across my midi keyboard, can you help me how to resolve this? thanks

Jerry Pizzini says:

Thnx very good video

Mike McGibney says:

Great video, clear, concise and helpful. Thank-you!

Jonatan Amaya says:

thank you so much fro all this help!!!!

nithin jones says:

It’s very usefull, thanks!

JAE SIN DnB says:

great freakin’ video bruv- big ups!!!

John O'Leary says:

my samples won’t drag onto the editor. the ‘+’ symbol only flashes for a second …

Daryl Allman says:

Its been ages since ives done it this way so thought id try again.
I can’t seem to hear my sample once I’ve dragged it in. really strange

Alexander Boldin says:

Hello. Making fades on 3:15 will not take an effect on the sample, after it has been loaded into the sampler. You need to do “Bounce in place” in Logic before.

Ares Kalogeropoulos says:

It needs just 5 secs on Reason’s NNXT.

Hunter Hart says:

Hello there, I have all my settings in advanced, and I have looked at my plugins manager. I still cannot seem to find my exs24. Ive been looking for an answer everywhere. I got it open once, but i can’t seem to do it again.

LNSKYY says:

very helpful thank you!!!

Gabriel Shaw says:

Help, when I load a sample I cant hear it!

RHOD3 says:

I can’t get it to play through my keyboard only the one on the screen, any one know how to fix this?

Matt Pacheco says:

Amazing tutorial man much appreciated!

XistenZ _ says:

just came across this today! great stuff thank you ill know who to thank when i get some good remixes going

GotRapsDotCom says:

Can you load EXS24 sampler files from Logic 9 to Logic X?

Trikloe says:

I do not see the edit option when I open the program…can you help?

K2 FAR says:

It was very helpful thank you very much .

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