How To Use Apple LOGIC Pro X Vocoder

In this video, Minneapolis Media Institute Program Specialist, Steve Yeager, explains how to use Apple LOGIC X Vocoder.


Archetype Multimedia says:

nice pointer to the key element. despite beating around the bush. love it! fkpita

Stu Johnston says:

when i try to find the “clear voice vocoder” nothing pops up in the drop down menu, how to i download this ?

Tumbld says:

holy shit this is incredible technology

XerxesTexasToast says:

This is exactly the kind of ultra-processed vocoder sound I’m looking for. Is this plugin built in to Logic Pro X?

Dustin Robinson says:

Wondering why you chose to ignore the 1/2 steps in the melody.

Seth Patrick says:

it doesn’t give me any options to change the vocoder to the clear voice vocoder… It’s just the synth that is loaded. Do you know what to do so I can access it?

Tony Barber says:

Very nice vid you’re the man

Louis Alexander says:


YeagerBeats says:

Just posted some new videos at YeagerBeats

Meezy Media says:

Great VID. Thanks!

Narley Davidson says:

no sound when pushing keys and using vocoder. can any one help?

Dr. Walrus says:

tutorial starts at 2:15, you’re welcome

karimn97 says:

+MplsMediaInstitute If you set the source to the vocal track and have it ready to record, and play the notes as you sing, would this work in a live scenario?

Ronnie Roddy Jr says:

I’m having trouble with this i have a vocal track and piano track but when i do the other software instrument it appears as a rhodes piano not the blank music note thing in the video

ben glass says:

perfect intro, thank you

Marco Cavassa Art and Music says:

Hey doesn’t it show me the side chain button?

Jani Rapo says:


soj ramsay-taylor says:


Roy Idron says:

thanks for the vid.. question though, mine works, but i can’t trigger the vocoder’s side chain in real time.. meaning i can’t play my midi pattern in the vocoder track and here the result like you did, which would be great, I have to paste a midi region/performance in the vocoder track, and then it plays back. Does one have to press record in order to do what you did, or also one can experiment/play the midi on playback with everything set up?

Louis Alexander says:


John Vinci says:

In my logic I do not see this plugin, do I have to purchase it?

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