Live Performance with Logic Pro X- Part 1

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clamjuice says:

Hi Stephen and thanks for the video. I had a question about this that I am hoping you could answer.

How does one map MIDI to individual MIDI stack tracks in order Record Enable them so I can play them live? My entire live show is in one Logic project and I want to be able to record enable my MIDI stacks using MIDI as I go from song to song in that one project. Is there a better solution to this? I want to avoid manually clicking on tracks during a show.

Also my live audio tracks need to be software monitored in order to use their effects live? I am using one for vocals, another for guitar. thanks!

JR Lee says:

So I’ve got a question about using multiple
Songs within Logic Pro, now I’m a production student so I’m comfortable with Logic but haven’t set it up for live shows. I’m a guitarist/singer and play roughly 30-40 songs a night, some with backing tracks and others not, how many songs can I put in a Logic session to play live? Also can I map the play button and next track movement to my midi foot pedal? Thank you so much for the videos.

Jen Goma says:

hi stephen, thanks for the video
in my live setup – which has a lot of live mixing – I have a mixture of audio files/backing tracks and MIDI instruments (that I play live) on each track. As this video shows, I made changes in the MIDI Environment window and routed my Novation Launch key MIDI keyboard to> input notes to> input view > and then directly to each track. This way I can control and mix each track using the faders on my keyboard instead of having to use the track pad. So I set up the tracks in the order I want them, say Organ on track one, drum loop on track 2 and then when I’m linking the cables from input view to the tracks themselves I do that in order as well. so the first cable I make goes to the organ track one. Then when I quit the session (song) I just save it and open it again when I want to perform using that session/song and the settings have been the same.

But lately when I go back to the same session I had saved, it seems that some settings have changed. Where each fader was corresponding to the correct track – 1st fader controlling organ track 1 etc- these settings are just inexplicably different, like when I move the 1st fader it suddenly controls track 4. And the cabling in the MIDI environment looks exactly the same. I don’t know if I’m saving these sessions incorrectly. Would saving these sessions as a template ensure that the settings wouldn’t change for some reason?

Performing live it’s very frustrating to open a session/song and realize that all the faders are corresponding to the wrong tracks and that some of the live instruments won’t make sound (because I would assume that they too are being oddly routed).

Anyhow, any insight at all would be very helpful! I feel like I’m flying blind out here and that’s never good in a live situation. I feel like my problem might be a simple misunderstanding or a fault in the way I’m saving/storing the session?

Thanks again for the vids! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Samuel Kuik says:

Hi Stephen, i want to do live mixing and recording through the A&H QU32 , i need your help! Thank you.

V.agntur says:

Do you think it’d be possible to send a tom pad (piezo) into my sustain pedal in of my midi contrôler (Alesis Vi25) and then assign that pad to the play button in Logic so that the drummer can trigger the play button from the pad without needing a drum module

User Jones says:

To connect to behringer xr18 mixer to my laptop would I need a audio interface such as my duet 2 ipad/imac to be able route a click track and other tracks to my guitar players in ears that I don’t want to come to the front of house? So what I’m wanting to do is have the backing track with all the instruments go to his ears to help him stay locked in but I only want certain tracks to put to the main outs to the pa. We are a duo project.

Simon Williams says:

Hi Stephen
Thanks, first of all, for putting this together. I have been struggling to figure out how best to use Logic in a live situation for some time now. I bought Mainstage, but the workflow is quite foreign to me, and it doesn’t seem to cater well for MIDI tracks.
I’m probably not quite familiar enough with Logic X to follow everything you’re covering here, but I think I’ll come back to this video and try to take it all in in small doses.
Much appreciated.

Duo Live says:

Hello thanks for your tutorial, it’s fantastic! I have a question about what you explain at 12:10. If I hold down the note during the track change, the selected sound on the first track does not remain. I would like the sound change to work like on Mainstage that remains as long as I do not change the note. How can I do? TKS ciao

Simeon Creer says:

Thank you for this informative video. I have been contemplating to switch from Cakewalk Sonar to Logic ProX for my gigs but so confused on how to get the click track to my drummer the simplest way. Would appreciate if you can do a tutorial focusing specifically on how to do this. Thank you very much.

Bubble Vest says:

When you set your microphone up, what buffer size and recording delay ms are you at?
I notice latency when playing live , I am using 1 waves plug in and bussing reverb for two vocals. It’s not terrible, but I would prefer a tighter vocal. Thanks for your video and info.

Miles R says:

how many outs does your interface have?

V.agntur says:

Hi there! Really liked the vid. I’m new to this and I have a few questions. I play in 4 people band and we’re going to run in-ears soon along with backing tracks, click and automated master keyboards. We’d like to control our in ear mix oursleves via the Logic X app on our phones. I wonder how I could set this up. We have two master keyboards (that I’ll automate like you showed in this vid) a violin, drums, an electric guitar, bass and two vocals. I run a Focusrite 18i20 (20 outputs).

Billy982810 says:

why don’t you just run a third one to the sequencer input?

Marcell Jjr says:

The link doesnt work and he starts talking at 2:55 . Yw

Center Everywhere says:

Hi. I just came from watching your video on automating using both logic and MainStage. Great info!
Have you had any issues with your computer after moving to this method? What is the computer you are using? This will give me a good point to figure out what computer I should buy (used) and not worry too much about issues. I will have three audio inputs and play along to a backing track. I still have a long way to learning everything on MainStage but I may not use automation for now and just get familiar with it. Maybe apple will come out with an automation option with backing track for MainStage…

angelo italo says:

Hello, nice video. I have a question: upon hitting the start button (transport/spacebar…whatever), do you have a slight moment’s delay to when the sequencer starts? I have asked this question to Logic Users Group and have gotten the answer to check that plug-in delay compensation is activated for everything. it has always been this way in my settings.
So, for instance, if I use Ableton Live and hit the start button, it starts immediately…so I can start instantaneously and perfectly in sync with something else already running, say electribe or circuit or whatever.
Can’t do the same with Logic. I can’t remember if Logic was able to do this prior to version 8 (when they took away slave capabilities).
Any insight would be helpful please.
Thanks in advance- Angelo

Douglass Miller says:

Amazing information. Thank you!

Cloudia Regina says:


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