Logic Pro 9 Beginner Tutorial

This a tutorial for beginners learning to use Logic Pro 9. I have shown how to do many of the basic things in Logic, but the best way for beginners to learn is to dive in to the program and experiment. Play around with what I’ve shown, but try some other new things. Click some random stuff and see what you can find. That’s the best way I’ve found to learn a DAW.

I’ve been getting a lot of comments asking for help with specific problems. Without sitting down at everyone’s computer to look at what is going on, it is hard to diagnose the problem and what would help fix it. So here is a link to help troubleshoot your problems: http://www.apple.com/support/logicpro/

Hope this helps!


Harold Martinez says:

how do u know what number  to quantize the notes??

Warren Mobley says:

incredible tuto thank you!

You Tube says:

Hey man I need all the help on making a beat.

Colin says:

You have no idea how much this helped, thank you so much.

Tim Padrick says:

Your vocal needs some pitch correction (sorry).

ItsJonTaylor says:

yea this is really good. I now know 140 things i didn’t know when it comes to logic

Daijyobanai says:

Thanks, definitely worth the time to watch this.

Alan Ormand says:

seems new beginers enjoy tring to write a song with auto drummer a bass and guitar with a couple verses, the auro drummer was not out when you did this video. How many new bbes are going to strwsrt with this drum hassel video only to realise their new version is simple and you video was a waist of time.People who post old training that is obsolete should take it the hell of the web and do everyone a big favor. Some many tutorials that are up to date are impossinle to find due to tjhis old oy dated video crowds out the recently posted stuff. Other wise great waisr of time video, please take it down.

Gordy Gordon says:

Im always looking for other ways of recording and manipulating  in Logic 9 ….Thank you for everything in advance .I record a lot of guitar and bass “audio” stuff. I hope you have some good tips , Cause   I’ m
going to watch your whole series ,.”Gordy” ps people say you are the best Teacher .

Sanjay Sundar says:

hi mate. I need some help from you. Im a beginner. Im planning to buy a second hand logic pro 9 from ebay from another user. I heard that it dosent install well on the latest OS yosemite, lion, mountain lion etc. If required, im ready to buy an older version but brand new mbpro from 2014, 2013 etc. can u suggest me what computer to buy, and what updated version of logic pro 9 can work on it?

Randy Shaw says:

Thanks Matt; I am a beginner at Logic Pro and have version 9, so this was helpful. I will re-watch, as well as check out your other vids. I appreciate you posting tutorials for us new kids on the block!

ronwolfson says:

Very nicely done tutorial. I just got Logic and this is very helpful!

Alex Kizanis says:

This video has helped me understand how Logic works, it’s awesome!!! Does anyone know if there is other videos that go to the next step made by the same guy?

Brian Walker says:

awesome tutorial man! very informative and right to the point

Michael Rodriguez says:

ay what screen recorder do u use?

carter whitaker says:

when i go to the media to click on the samples i cant hear anything, why is that?

Ghost Town Orchestra [Official] says:

Dude i just got hooked up with logic… you nailed all the questions i had in the first 15 minutes! You’re gonna make a lot of people a lot of money 😀 😀 😀


which OS does logic pro operates

Jerelmo Kluivert says:

thanks matt Vox its sounds good…

Echofauna says:

Awesome!  I make all my music on Logic Pro 9.  Such a great DAW.

Logic Pro EDM Templates says:

nice Tutorial!

josé Marrucho says:

Audio is to low. Barely can ear you talking.

Chris Engelbrecht says:

Dude! I must say this is one of the best Logic tutorials I have watched! You are a natural. Thank you! Do you have more tutorials?

Pete Black says:

This is an absolutely fantastic beginner’s tutorial! I have learned more from this than from any reading or advice whatsoever!

Alan Taylor says:

Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve been using Logic 9 & X for a couple of years and your video has taught me some stuff I didn’t know such as using the limiter on the output track. I usually just lower that track so it doesn’t clip. Check out my music I’ve created on Logic on my youtube page. Once again thanks from London 🙂

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