Logic Pro tutorials (4) Piano-Roll (1/16)

Apple Logic Pro Piano-roll edit – intro, tools select options & grid customisation.


dancetech says:

@Lennyrapid or on dancetech website, under ARTICLES menu

Rob k says:

in logic 10 how do i set the right click tool thing up??????

dancetech says:

In the titles? that’s the logic drumbox called Ultrabeat

Micheal Lyner says:

How do I change the default piano roll size in LPX?
The same options are not available in the display. All I have is “General” and “Mixer”

Amani Smith says:

how do i select the piano roll for each track… my piano roll stays on one track no matter if i change tracks and record on a next track

Chum Bucket says:

I guess im insane my piano roll looks like a rainbow..

Oliver Persson says:

Where do i find the thing at 00:16 ?

Lennyrapid says:

i think i found them, sorry 🙂

Johannes Qvarfordt says:

Great tutorials! Do you know if there is any way to make audioclips a bit transparent so i can see the bar and beat lines behind or on the audioclips?

abdub7 says:

Excellent tutorials!

dancetech says:

preferences, advanced – tick advanced and then re-check the preferences.

dancetech says:

well mine works, so i dunno. are you zoomed out enough to see the resolution of the grid?

RandalMusic says:

Hey do you know how i can move samples to the piano roll, so i can stretch,shorten and pitch some samples, like a string or something ? pls

angelthman says:

Do you do a mixing and mastering tutorial? I’m having a hard time getting a grasp of it and the knuckleheads on YouTube don’t explain it very well, but you do everything thoroughly.

Sunil Milner says:

Is there a name and email attached. Would like to get in touch with you. Thanks, Sunil Milner

dancetech says:

no milk?

Rob k says:

cheers also can you nip to the shops and buy me some krk rokits, nice one

dancetech says:

i will add logic x videos soon, but i had to build a whole new mac boot on mountain lion, and then find a good screen recorder which worked with M.Lion cos the old one didnt. The good news is, all the editing & moving notes/regions etc is (of course) the same as our Logic 9 tutorials have covered so far, they just moved the location of menus, tools, snap etc on the Local Menu Bars, but it’s still the same (except the arpeggiator is new)

dancetech says:

how do you mean ‘size’?

Lenny Winter says:

Thank you so much for your tutorials! 

GueroVision says:

scRRRRReen size editor 😀

madelefant05 says:

I’m just wondering what your typical working setup is.  From your tutorials you use Logic Pro the most but you use Cubase too and you use the Behringer BCF.  What sound card/interface do you use? Do you typical use a pad device from percussion input? etc.

dancetech says:

i’ll check in morning, i’m booted into snow leopard now mastering a DVD

Max Navarro Cáceres says:

I am not a musician, I don’t know how to play the piano, will I be able to use piano roll? grate tutorial:D

Varun Gopal says:

if your familiar with garageband, will it be easy to get used to logic pro?

dancetech says:

use or website forum, registration is free, post any questions there: dancetech d*t com

Daniele says:

Is there a way for me to copy or buy a CD/DVD of your tutorials so I can study without streaming online?

Rob k says:

thx man your a hero

dancetech says:

@Lennyrapid – look at our channel playlists

Daniele says:

Hi there, I am now on Logic Pro X and can’t find the commands for this tutorial.  I can’t edit the piano roll grid with your Pro Logic 9.  When I go in the preferences and click display I don’t have the piano roll option.  Is it gone or is it somewhere else in Logic X?
thank you

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