Logic Pro X 10.1 – New Features Overview

What’s new in the Apple Logic Pro X 10.1 update


Martin Harp says:

If you want to trigger your own Instrument such as battery or addictive drums, hold option+shift and drag the region to your drum instrument track. It will create an alias and any changes you make to the Drummer track will follow via the alias.

Dereck Dunn says:

Logic Pro X is starting to go full on BEAST mode folks!!

The added piano roll features answered a lot of hopes I had for Logic. Seriously great work with the update LPX development team!

skltr21 says:

right click the drummer audio region and click convert > convert to new midi region.  now you can grab that midi region and just move it to a new track of your choice to be able to use battery or machine or something.

hellonearth1066 says:

MIDI collapse! What a life and time saver!

martz22 says:

So do I have to download yosemite to get this update? It says you need 10.9 or later and I’m running 10.8.5.

LoKlass Productions says:

LogicPro 4 Life !!!

chris P says:

Yeah nice tutorial. 
No Jazz drums in Logic yet!

bjgman100 says:

Nice video! I’m most excited about the plugin manager. Finally going to clean up my audio units.

Veton Drag says:

I appreciate everything you are showing us. Can you make a video, like actually starting to make a beat and how you go by it?

Tyrone Bigbee jr says:

the new update is great, but the sample quality for the drum designer is weak. you have to tweak everything to get a big sound. it still needs work but its on its way to being super great.

Rex The Vigilante says:

Would you need a strong mac to be compatible with this new program ? I have a 09 Mac book pro and I’m afraid it won’t be as good as a newer model.

Jcb says:

vca fader tuto ?

Natta Baako says:

are there any Raggae loops or drums?

Li Lin says:

hi,what is the three empty tracks under the Track 4 ?
bcz when you created track 5 which was not right next to track 4, there were three empty tracks, and how did you get those? since I sense would be a nice way using as organizational mean

Phee Theemcee says:

That brush tool is sweet. That is the only thing i missed from FL studio.

skltr21 says:

also most of the drummer samples are loaded into ultrabeat.  you can just open it up and replace the files with whatever sample you want.  it would be nice to be able to drag and drop samples into the new drum machine plugin though.

Random Person says:

FIX THE FUCKING TAP TEMPO LOGIC! yeah its in the project settings at the start but WHY is it not an obvious button in the transport still?! WAY BEHIND LOGIC!

G Grech says:

Best video of the new update. Thanks for this 🙂

BNJ53 says:

I was hoping for a video like this thanks!

GmmacMusic says:

the drummer is great for singer songwriters. i use that all the time and nobody can tell the difference, if i eq and compose it properly. i just have one problem when i open a new project when im done with my current one, the ball of death shows up and takes forever getting into the new project. sucks.

Romano says:

Hi l’m having so many problems with LOGIC Pro 10.1.  I’m running a 2007 iMac with Yosemite.  Didn’t have any problems with LOGIC before the upgrade.  Do you know if others are having problems.  I was trying to you flex time to edit the tempo without changing the pitch.  It was working for a couple of tracks then it stopped.  Now everything is all screwed up.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.

Prab Kumar says:

thank you!!

Hez Beats says:

why is pro tools more expensive than this? 

Tony Martin says:

Is it possible to modulate a file in Logic Pro X?

GiMMiX//GX says:

As cool as all the new drummer features are, I don’t think I’d really use them (for producing) as I’d feel ridiculously unoriginal… Will still be using drum samples I think… I wonder if they’ve fixed the whole “Logic Pro X has overloaded” thing…

Patrick Castritius says:

Thx for the video. Enjoyed it very much. That’s how new features should be presented!

Tony Martin says:

I am referring to key modulation

Time Marches On says:

Nice tutorial please do a tut on the VCA grouping in the mixer.

Manraj Singh says:

I am Using Fl Studio on Windows And feeling jealous at the moment. 

Kimberly Forti says:

its becoming more like fl studio. i like what fl studios can do but the design is off and its confusing. logic pro is simple and the design is ok. good job apple. 
logic pro x needs a pattern machine like in fl studio to make beats easier to make

Wood thomp says:

Does logic pro x 10 have ghost notes like fl studio.


How do you use Drummer with Maschine? I like the Maschine sounds much better but would like the flexiblity of drummer

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