Logic Pro X (10.1) tutorial – Compressor

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In this tutorial we take a more in-depth look at Logic’s Compressor.

Feature-wise the Compressor isn’t much different from before, however a very different look and a much needed redesign of the GUI brings this compressor up to date with it’s modern competitors. We take a look at the new vintage VCA model, and explore how we can use Logic’s compressor to effectively and intuitively apply parallel compression to a drum loop.


Dro Musico says:

oi can u tell us how to find the compressor int he dam logic pro X… menu please instead of it just poping up there !!!! GOSH !!!!! KMT

Minpin Studios says:

How do you get to the compressor in the “audio FX” menu? I can’t seem to find it, since the layout is so confusing.

Job Travis says:

I’ve  got a Q about side chain compression. So I want to do it, and the other videos I’ve seen on youtube are with the older compressor in logic and they have a send option for the side chain and they send it to a bus. I can’t find this option. Do you know where I can find the bus send in the compressor?

Good King Entertainment Inc says:

is it just me or I just can;t tell the difference in your -pre compression and post compression sound. The difference is so slight that it can’t learn.Next you assume you much for a tutorial. This is not helpful at all for a beginner

Jonas Westblom says:

Thanks for the tutorial. But I have a problem. I’ve created a bus for the kick but when I go to the baseline and put on a compressor I don’t get the option to pick a bus at all. Don’t even have that menu with the “side chain, compare, copy, paste”. Only thing i can do on the top part in the compressor is to change preset and change view.
Have any idea what’s wrong?

James Wright says:

Great tutorial! Thank you!

Hazen Stribling says:

Just a quick question: In the simplest possible terms, can you describe what knobs to turn to which positions to compress a bass line so the quiet parts are made louder and the loud parts are made quieter?

Michael Jacques says:

nice, clear tutorial, thanks man.  well done

Kai Sinzinger says:


Lyyli Esther says:

Please yes  do more tutorials you are very good at explaining.  Thank you !!!
My biggest problem to get my head around is gain staging. I think I recorded too hot, and now when I adjust the gain within the daw it’s still too hot, so I think I need to limit each track further in order to bring up the fader towards unity so I can mix. I’m confused, but learning a little More each time with each mistake. (But I am sooo sick of my songs!!!!!!ive listened to them a million times and I can’t wait to get them right levels from export so never have to listen to them ever ever again)
So thanks for this very good explanation on compressors. I’m feeling very alone in the world with my problems , and a good explanation lifts my spirit like nothing else. I’m not religious but god bless you anyway!! Hallaluyahh !!!!

Rory Blakemore says:

swear the attack in the logic compressors are working in reverse.

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