Logic Pro X 10.2: Alchemy Synth

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Today, Logic Pro X 10.2 released with a bang! The biggest announcement with the update is the release of Logics’ new software synth instrument, Alchemy. Alchemy is part of Apples acquisition of Camel Audio last year. Now Alchemy is back and ready for action!

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Johan Brodd says:

Is Alchemy a CPU hog on Mac? I’m asking since I’m thinking to get Logic for my Mac Mini.



Michael User says:

Thank you CAMEL AUDIO Guys that you fuck me as long term Customer of all your Products/Libraries!
And about the blood sucking Shit called “Apple”, better no comment….

Alan Raterink says:

Cant wait for your Alchemy tutorial!!!

DJmicaiah says:

you and you “Drake beats”, lol.

Michael says:

This morphing thing reminds me of NI Kore 🙂 !

Wrekking Cru says:

One simple thing I would like to see is an option to have larger, freakin meters !#@! 🙂  This may already be possible, but my buddy has had this with Cubase for ages.  I know you can zoom the screen, but is there a better way to display larger levels/metering?

hansendesigns says:

the actual Alchemy fun BEGINS if you have the free Logic Remote app on iPad.

CaboMuzik says:

It does take a while to load

Luciano VI says:

I downloaded full content of alchemy however the presets are not showing up ?? Any way to fix!?

Lori WalkingFeather says:

I bought all the iPhone Camel Alchemy tone banks. I really feel this product is touch based. I can’t see using it without using a touch screen.

DJSurfhouse says:

It would be awesome if you could make a rebuild or a lead tutorial of EDX Show me Love Remix 🙂

Derek Roig says:

How come alchemy looks so blurry to me?

musicotaku666 says:

%&§&$§% u camelaudio for selling out and having us windows users paid your product and made you what u are now.

Paurini Wiringi says:

FYI, the performance pad does not control fx specifically as u mentioned. Various parameters are assignable in which case you can morph between them.

JIB AAA says:

you are dope and absolutely amazing

Fourtunate4 says:

good stuff. looking forward to what you come up with

ßub-ßißLord Rooqckusß says:

lol how do i update to logic 10.2

H Dhuga says:

where do I get the new update?

Official Kon says:

I posted another question on your older video about setting MIDI controls from Maschine to Logic Pro X. For setting Record, and play is that only done in Logic or can it be done in Maschine Controller Editor? Also, is there a setting to scroll or select other sounds? Like a up or down direction? Or left and right?

moreausylvain says:

old alchemy users : go fuck yourselfs. That was a message from apple and camelaudio who don’t give a single shit except for your money.
ho.. and for camelspace / fat and so one .. yeah go fuck yourselfs too.

CTK the DON says:

feeling left out … #FlUser this is very similiar to absynth 5 tho lol 🙂

DCXTV says:

Sure glad of buying Alchemy back in the day… x)

Nick Searle says:

How do you get your logic pro X GUI to look so HD and small?! Mine looks clunky compared to yours and you seem to have soo much more screen real estate??
What am I missing!!

Hussam J says:

Hi All…..quesiton for you all. I bought Camel Alchemy about 3 years ago and a bunch of “packs” like artificial intelligence, Biolabs, Light Space, etc. Does that all now come included in Apple’s Alchemy? I have both Camel Alchemy and logic Pro X on my laptop right now. I’d like to uninstall Camel Alchemy if it’s just a duplicate now… Please help…

Marko Sotirovic says:

How would you do a 808 bass glide in this?

iiike says:

6:30 sounds like a scream

jnmrg says:

I am so stoked it’s installing now

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