Logic Pro X 10.3 – First Look

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In this video, Echo Sound Works walks you through 6 new features in Logic X 10.3 that are more than a welcomed addition!

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QueMusiQ says:

Shocked a major daw didn’t already do that stuff.

inferno gasher says:

first 😀

Slaughter House Entertainment Company says:


debonbon says:

Jesus that’s ugly as hell. Ugh.

N/N says:

Not so much update to my opinion I hate the new gui it looks plastic and not as real as the old one the only thing that really works in my opinion is the side-chain thing ,I haven’t update from 10.2.2 and I’m not planing to do it until they change that pice of crap exs24 and don’t say alchemy is the substitution logic lacks in a lot of aspects but I keep using it bc I found easy work arounds

Fernando Estevez says:

How do you get the 10.3 version? i can’t get it

R3BBiT says:

I think GUI is pronouced “GEE YOU EYE”

Jared Newman says:

Question and Comment
Question: With selection based processing, have you found a method to do reverse reverbs easily like in Pro Tools? If that’s even possible

Comment: I think every update is fabulous. EXCEPT for the GUI. It’s definitely more for the touch screen world, but I feel it makes Logic look cheap. I can’t wait for new skins to be developed.

kueleza says:

What’s the artist’s name?

kueleza says:

Is this song released? This is fuckin dope

Sean Minneapolis says:

thanks dude

Renard Bergson says:

Um excelente update, o Logic está no caminho certo agora, se comparado com outras DAWs com funções simplificadas, como Studio One ou Reaper

Jake Masca says:

Echosoundworks is a fucking boss

Decalcomanic Kim says:

What is a side chain? I just started learning!!

Grayson Peddie says:

Logic Pro X looks very cool. And dang the macOS UI looks very sleek, although I don’t have the money for Mac Mini right now… Heh.


How many loops does logic have?

Nathan Kestner says:

I feel like these features could be useful for sure once we get used to them, but it seems like it’s basically just making more normal ways to do things we could already do creatively as a producer such as the selection based processing. Before you’d just duplicate the track, click and drag that part of the track down and change whatever you needed to change.

Calvin Conyers says:

Nice tips but one point to make – and it’s a big one.. The app is correctly pronounced Logic Pro “10” NOT “X” as in x,y,z.The “X” is roman numerical X, as in VIII, IX, X. Check with Apple if you doubt me.

Michael Larsen says:

Those custom colors… Bring forth the ‘Pallet Of Rainbow’, and let us choose our own colors! xD

Michael Palma says:

Is this an update ?

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