LOGIC PRO X 10.3 UPDATE – What’s New? An In-Depth Overview of New Features and Interface!


ZachariahMusic says:

You should put your Patreon link in the video description

Paulo Rego says:

has the velocity shortcut changed? It’s not working for me anymore in 10.3

John S says:

One thing that would be a game changing feature in the EXS24 sampler would be to be able to MIDI map the start and end point region for your sample. Its desperately needed in order make fine adjustments to sample chops without having to click and drag, or use my mouse at all. Along with that I’d like to be able to quickly apply the edited region to a MIDI pad. This is the feature I need! I’m considering just investing in maschine for this type of intuitive chopping functionality.

Ryan Vanden Heuvel says:

Im looking at picking up a new MacBook Pro, was wondering if you had any suggestions on specs, my plans are to bring my music to a live setting (electronic music) as well as to recording my own work. I picked up a 2009 Macbook some years ago to get started but am at a point now where I’d like to upgrade to something that will last a while. Also, I had the version of Logic Pro that came before this one and randomly a few days ago it reverted back to an older version? Wondering if you had any idea why..thanks!

Alexander Orue says:

I have just updated my logic pro, and everything seem to be working just fine, except for when i try to copy and paste midi regions they seem to jump fwrd a bit from where i want to paste them. This doesn’t happen with audio regions, or when i make alias of the regions. This wasn’t happening prior to me upgrading to the new 10.3 update.. Any solutions for this. Thanks in advance

Rhyvms music says:

Im experiencing a bug with this update. On random tracks or buses, when I open a plugin, the plugin screen is just black. This happens on all plugins including Logics own! The plugin is working but I get past the default settings. Any ideas?

Tyler Durden says:

Does anyone know what happened to the instrument editing?? I’m not super knowledgable but when I used to press B it would bring up the settings of the software instrument and then the EQ in the other tab. Now it just brings up the EQ. Feeling defeated

David Abraham says:

At +MusicTechHelpGuy : did you ever end up doing a dedicated video regarding using “MIDI plug-ins creatively to control plug-in parameters”…? Would love to see that video sometime.

Yvette Moore- Singer Songwriter says:


Francisco Munoz Ruiz says:

4:38 you said track editor. In logic9,8,7 it was called Sample Editor if I’m not mistaken.

Nicholas Nelson says:

can you do a video on finding/incorporating vocal samples into songs? This would be a huge help

B4ttleCat says:

I’ve got a 2016 MBP…you’re not missing anything!

A. Lawrence Seals says:

WHERE can I get the 10.3 upgrade. I couldn’t find it

Salvatore Porto says:

Hi guys! In the previous versions of Logic, when I was pressing keyboard to hit notes (even the keyboard of the Macbook) it was sensitive to velocity , now it isn’t . How can I play the macbook keys and being them sensitive on the velocity?

MDotSerious says:

there’s an update! how did I miss this. thank you for this video

J L says:

Thanks for this. I JUST downloaded Logic last week, and only started playing around and learning it. Other than your own videos, etc., any good resources (that actually are good) to learn some of the basics of Logic? There’s so much out there, and not sure what’s an actual good place to start. Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

guajajeiatumujei says:

I can’t figure out how to use midi fx to control plugins either! great video, thanks!

CK Barlow says:

I’m pretty sure the GarageBand iOS feature is in the other direction – that is, you could always import GB iOS projects into Logic; 10.3 lets you save your Logic Pro X project in a format that GB iOS can open and do limited adds/edits on. From the release notes: “Share to GarageBand option allows you to remotely add new tracks to your Logic Pro project from your iPhone or iPad via iCloud.”

Ray Mizzi says:

Please HELP in Logic Pro X 10.3.1 – how do you assign multiple bus sends to a track? I can not find this.

hermit crab says:

You do great videos MTHG. I use reaper but thinking of getting logic so could you tell me if update allows you to select fx by typing in the first part of the name of a plugin and then it searches and finds plugins with that in their name like you can in reaper or cubase please ? Can you then transfer those selected plugins to other tracks by dragging ( drag and drop ) ? Can you freeze track fx and then add more fx ? These things have stopped me from getting it so far. thank you

Ray Mizzi says:

CAN YOU PLEASE time stamp this video.

Michael Monagan says:

I’ve never figured out a way to be able to hear the track you’re overdubbing on. Have I been missing something or has that ever been addressed? Thx!

Eddie Radovic says:

Logic Pro X 10.3.1!!! Get it while it’s hot!!!

stellar 808 says:

To answer my own question, concerning the (right-click) Contextual Menu getting stuck at the end of the pointer bug in Logic Pro X while in track Automation mode in Sierra:
By going to System Preferences/Accessibility/Display – the default option is set to “Shake Mouse Pointer To Locate” (briefly making the pointer bigger) – by deselecting that option, Contextual Menus behave as expected when in Track Automation mode.

Affy Ahmad says:

I like it but I’ve had problems with10.3 deciphering flex edit info from projects created in 10.2. It basically ruined a project I have been working on by throwing markers out of place and actually moving audio data around. Has anyone else experienced anything like that?

Gertz S. da Palma says:


Sylvia Linyz says:

Hi, I’m a green-hand at LPX.(sorry for my poor English) After watching your video-tutorials, I still have some Qs:-
what are vibrato tool and volume tool for?

JamEZmusic says:

Looks great, I was hoping to see some more plugins though. I would like to see noise removal options and to be able to see your piano roll keys light up when you hit notes on your midi keyboard like most other daws, I am forever getting lost with what octave I am in.

Ross Nacchi says:

I cannot believe Apple alienated all the Yosemite users :(((((( What’s wrong with them?

An Di Yi says:

Great overview! Thanks

Najay THECHOSEN1 says:

all these updates and we still we got the same ugly ultrabeat

SkiddyMarks says:

The update is great but it’s broken amplitube 4 for me. Anyone else get that?

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