Logic Pro X 10.4 Demo – New Instruments and Features

Logic Pro X 10.4 introduces new features to Apple’s pro DAW, such as: Studio Strings, ChromaVerb, new Alchemy presets, new vintage EQ plug-ins, Smart Tempo, and more.

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TeenageNerd says:

Aw I thought it was something for OS X Tiger..

peekpen says:

I was farming for more modern Apple Logic horn sounds 6 months ago and now I heard a 6-piece string sequence in my head for a hip hop tune. Gonna crush my work now. You should be able to see some rainbow puke leftovers in my icon. Thank you!!

Rolandas Juknevicius says:

Beginning music pls tell the name

G-Phi Productions says:

Nice review!

DedoGamingONE / Sorcièr says:

Wow I’m first finally

Paul Bruno says:

Hey Ken,,, couple of questions,,,, i’m a guitar player what midi device would i need ton connect to my computer to use Logic pro..? also is it best to have a midi keyboard to add some of the other instruments..? thanks great demo

Eirron Graham says:

hey man, would you have a clue where to locate Platinum Verb? Was ChromaVerb a replacement?

walllable says:

Holy shit yes finally

John Sch says:

Damn, I need to get a bigger hard drive

MitchMatch5 says:

Did they update ultra beat?

Oinkba Studios says:

I don’t normaly talk about plugins.. because for me hardware has been the best sounding. However.. after spending a few days with Logic 10.4’s vintage EQ’s and ChromaVerb.. I am just blown away! It’s like being in a tape based studio once again. The seperation, dynamics and overal quality is superb! Like tape at 30ips.. you can throw anything at it.. and it will sound awesome & easy to work on. You can keep adding to it and everything is still seperated. Logic 10.4 is now “finaly” doing the same!

obvi•US says:

@3:05 I thought he was going to break out with the Flintstones theme! LOL

Jazz Haze says:

Damn, this is a nice video… but it would have been GREAT to have your voice softer and the SOUNDS hotter… every time I cranked up the volume to hear the reverb and tone of instruments—then you’d talk and nail my ears!

AudioBananas Music says:

Thanks for posting!

Muhammad Yusup says:

3:16 – “Epic sax guy”.. wkwk

Jason Cathey says:

Do you remember what chord you played at 9:45?

Andrew Jarrett says:

Great to see apple including and updating the software they bought from Camel Audio. Nice video, thanks

Frank Silval says:

I just have updated my Logic today!!! But to get it, l had to update to High Sierra the computer before!!! It took me the whole day but fortunately it is done!!! Thank goodness for this tutorial!!!

Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana says:

Is Garageband toned down version of Logic Pro X?

_Bajiru_ says:

6:21 – 6:24 : Reminds me of old Macintosh Startup Sound (Performa 630 CD)

Georgie's Girl says:

How many loops are with logic?

Eyes Of Truth Music says:

Very nice review

rawstarmusic says:

Sax sounds ok cause tenor is hard to get natural. Strings doesn’t impress, anonymous and muddy. You don’t play any chords to show if a string section works? Only the cello which is the easiest and the bass. The step sequencer seems good. Thanks for the video.

Dimitri Auer says:

Thanks for the nice demo. Next time, please mix the instruments a little louder than your voice.

Richard Jensen says:

When installing this update, did it show up in the App Store/updates like normal? It is not showing up for me. I contacted Apple and was told first to upgrade to High Sierra (I had Sierra 10.12.6 the most recent update before High Sierra). after doing that with no change, I was told to “install” Logic again from the App Store despite already owning it with the most recent previous update. 
I’m halfway done, but having serious doubts.

Francis Maxino says:

Thank you so much for this, I wondered about the orchestral strings in Logic X and my questions answered straight away…

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