Logic Pro X 10.4 Smart Tempo Tutorial Part-1

The new Smart Tempo feature in Logic 10.4 has some bugs (confirmed to me by Apple dev team) & some issues, but overall is a superb new feature. Check it out!


Jj Vel says:

I was taking a course on 10.4 explained and when they got to this portion of the video, they confused the living hell out of me. This clears it right up and your quite entertaining to listen to. Thanx for the knowledge. Subbed!

Justin Braun says:

Actually smart tempo can do both, it can change the tempo map to match audio, or change the audio to match the set tempo

BJM Mario Bajardi says:

More details…. 🙁

dwightddddd says:

Really helpful video’s, thank you:)
I have been getting clicks and pops when editing timing of some vocals in monophonic flex mode, but when I editing the same audio in polyphonic flex mode there no clicks, but there is some sort of smearing artifacts induced.
Any ideas, or could you do a video editing timing of vocals.

Toby Vaughan-Argent says:

Thanks for the great tutorials 1 question is there a way to preview midi files in logic x ?  if not have a word thanks

Maik Winter says:

Brilliant. Apple should hire you for tutorials.

Rno Rno says:

we’re spoiled but it’s got to be said on a regular basis: thank you.

rawstarmusic says:

Nah I don’t agree with your logic at 43.00 on moving a tempo variation clip to the left and into an area with regions. When you move the clip over other regions it adapts to that local tempo but it leaves it’s tempo variation behind. This is wrong, it must remove it’s tempo footprint when it is no longer there at the earlier spot. The area that the clip leaves behind should be without tempo variations, that is logic.

Lux Elliott says:

Thank you for your efforts. I look forward to watching this. You’re a great teacher.

Jan Maris says:

Very good explanation indeed! Definitely there are bugs, as my Logic 10.4 suddenly crashed after playing around with Smart Tempo. I also noticed strange behaviour when editing in the File Tempo editor, e.g. the cycle playback. I would like to understand how the tempo detection algorithm works, as I’m trying to analyse an entire song (for transcribing) and at some point it seems to become too difficult to analyse it correctly. Manual editing is not that easy either.

rawstarmusic says:

Questions will arise as I watch. When you mute regions and record in their area Logic will adapt tempo to you. Q can you get the muted tracks to now follow the new tempo? – Other thing, lets say you record an idea freely. You want to build and employ more instruments but before you do that you might want to adjust the tempo at some points where it is to free or slowing down maybe, can you do that? That would be how we use this free function. Free but within limits. Would that need heavy flex work to balance the tempo at some bad spots?

Marcio Coutinho says:

Great tutorial, one of the best I’ve ever watched.
Thank you very much!

TLargoJones says:

BEST Tutorial on this feature so far. Thank you so much! Subscribed.

Pierre Langlois says:

There is a good reason for “auto”. It’s there to piss you off and entertain us..so thank you logic for including “auto”

Tim Beaton says:

Yep moving tempo map is definitely a bug. 10.4.1 fix?

Preacher At Arrakeen says:

Looking forward to part 2!

sonicindustries says:

Happy days – in-depth tutorial from the man. Just get settled…

Preacher At Arrakeen says:

If I may, constructive criticism: You repeat yourself too often, both in your explanations and your rants. The content you provide is excellent, but you could use a bit of editing. I get being annoyed at Apple, and if I want to see a feature or a bug again, all I have to do is scroll backward.

Peace and all that, 🙂

Tim Beaton says:

Wow! You managed to get The Police to play on your track? How did you manage that? I thought they were long defunct!

Wilson says:

Awesome stuff. I often use a track stack to record a two amp sim (sgear) tracks summed together for an amp sound I like. Any reason why logic will not adapt the tempo when I do this? Seems to only work when recording an single audio track. Any way to get Logic to adapt to a track stack? Thanks for the great tutorials!

Eli Yamzon says:

You are amazing teacher. Thank you.

Matthew Toledo says:

After recording free form couldn’t you just print to another track and that should keep it in time with the project? As a work around.

thekeysman says:

Although obviously faster, it seems the end result is the same as beat mapping to create the tempo track, and then using Flex Time? As it was in Logic 9, just easier?

ILDAR SH says:

Hello, i’m musician, working in logic, and watching you from Russia. Your tutorials are the best. Thank you very much. You were first who told about articulation in the instruments. And here again — the best tutorial.

Karl Howard says:

Simply the very best tutor there is in Logic in my opinion, learning so much, enjoying everything here, really inspiring and already putting into practice what I have learnt here, fantastic work Dancetech…….think Apple should name something after you in the next update.

ajadrew says:

Only just watched this, 5 days after the event…. I imported a file into ProX which I’d created for a short film, ie, played to the moving images etc. And when I looked at the tempo map I thought WTF!!! It all makes sense now though through pure chance I approached the subject from a different angle. If I’d watched this first I wouldn’t have done what I did. Oh, and thanks, I’ve learnt a lot!

Loop dump says:

Hoover those up!

adsfaedaer says:

That align command is something like “Edit then Move and then Align to play head, or you can use the nudge stuff. Thanks for the tutorial.

musicmachineplayer31 says:

Hugely appreciated as always thanks

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