LOGIC PRO X 101 – #01 Getting Started in Logic 10.3

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Simon JC says:

I learnt most of what I know about Logic from your channel. Fantastic content. Thanks dude.

The Uprising Christian Worship Praise Music says:

Hey man your videos have been so helpful to me the last few months. I forced myself to migrate off pro tools because of their constant position to try and get people to subscribe and pay way too much. Logic is so much better for writing now that I have gotten use to it. Can’t thank you enough. I’ve probably watched 70% of all your videos.

My only issue is that in pro tools is was so easy to record something and hit the space bar if I messed up and have the play head go right back to where it was only to hit record again at the same spot. This is the only I’ve struggled with in Logic. I’ve tried all the setting on the record and play head button and it never seems to work. Any tips?

Len Vlahos says:

Incredibly straight forward and easy to follow… Wonderful tutorial.

Bumu says:

Thanks so much for the video, really easy to follow and it has been great fun to simultaneously create a similiar file.

Glenn Carr says:

Thanks so much for this amazing, amazing series of Logic Pro X tutorials. The package is enormous and your information is so helpful! It has saved us hours of hard slog. Cheers Mate from Glenn & Dave.

BoobooJonez says:

@ 4:39 you can use a regular audio mixing board with balance and unbalanced outputs and simply get a stereo RCA jack to headphone jack and that actually works very well. But, you’ll only be able to record one instrument in stereo or two instruments in mono each panned opposed… I have a small 4 channel Mackie 402-VLZ3 that has 2 XLR in and 2 quarter” ins. It also has a bass role off, line instrument preamp AND Phantom power… This system is cheap and works well. You just can’t do any more that 2 tracks mono or one stereo in order to isolate individual tracks on Logic.

Now, I do want an interface but I have had bad experiences with cheap usb interfaces. I have firewire and when the time is right, I’ll get a multi channel firewire board for multiple channel recording…

robert zoeller says:

If i have logic 10.4 will this tutorial be helpful or are the displays very different.

Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss says:

The more I watch this tutorial the more I’m pissed that I spent 10 bucks buying an Udemy Logic Pro course that’s 1000 times worse than this…

Mobee Duck says:

Excellent Videos, one of the best Logic Pro Tutorials. Thank you.

Joe Jean says:

thanks this video help me a lot!!!!!

Andy Robbins says:

Thank you! I’m so impressed by the overall production quality and your clear and concise explanations. I look forward to the rest of your videos!

Julien says:

1:01 Thanks, that’s some good organization!

Now I know what to watch and what to skip

Paul Pereira says:

Thanks a lot.

James Gough says:

Awesome video man… Great to find a video that goes from the beginning I’m new to logic and every video seems to think you already have a clue. A lot I did work out on my own but have picked up a few good things from This. Will kick on with the rest of the videos now cheers!

frank white says:

Nice. Like the shortcuts

Voodoochild Official says:

we are lucky to have you on youtube!

Rogue Ninja says:

can we get time stamps pls

Hernan Gnesutta says:

Thank you man!!! For all your awesome work!!! Greetings from Argentina!!!

HowToEvery says:

Thank you very much! It’s a great tutorial.

JCDC8 says:

Can I use logic 10.2.4 for this tutorial? My Soundcard will not work with High Sierra, maybe Sierra but I rather don´t take any risks right now being in some other projects in Wavelab for some time..

Michael says:

Just took a quick look. I can’t wait to dig into this. Looks great. Thanks so much for doing this. Ur awesome!

Kenny Gibson says:

Awesome man.

Hunter Valdivia says:

Love this! I’ll be sending people your way!

Cody Logan says:

aye boss can you drop a link to a video that would show me how to keep the sample length the same on every midi key (sample is slower ,down an octave and vice versa)

kyr0 says:

MusicTechHelpGuy this is my try on this tutorial 🙂 https://youtu.be/tdchE9BDHuk

afzo says:

Tank you. Nice work!

Bod8yga says:

Hey @MusicTechHelpGuy does this apply to the newest version of Logic Pro X 10.4? and also can you please do a detail video of how to set up mic, and record session thanks!

Matt Nowak says:

Hey, I hope you see this!

What is actually in the additional sound pack? I have limited storage space on my Mac, but I intend to ONLY use close mic audio recording – no loops, no midi.
Are all of the plugins (EQ, compressor, noise gate etc.), guitar sounds (amps, pedals etc.) and all of that stuff including in the base Logic download, or do they require the additional sounds?
Is the additional download just a load of Apple loops?

phenixreturns says:

hi is there an automatic mix-mastering-levels for all your tracks ? will it really give a better sound for all of your tracks for a great result like if it was a professional recording with an engineer making some days to make a cd track ?

nguoivohinh says:

At 2:15 how did you have 67.95 gb sound , when im only have 57 gb?

Steve Edelen says:

Great Tutorial. Thank you.

John Tsahalis says:

I can’t seem to record my midi drums and hear the audio track I want to record to. How can I fix that so I can hear the audio track I want to record my midi drums to?

Syazwan Ibrahim says:

clear and concise.. awesome

Prof Von Shredder says:

Man I’m glad I looked for other tutorials…yours is well done, and answers all those little questions that the others don’t bother with. My biggest issue now: cleaning up HD space to make room for instruments etc. Thanks so much.

Mr. Miles says:

How do you export to cassette tape? Kidding, thanks for the vid.

Burak DEVELİ says:

Very helpful thank you !!

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