Logic Pro X – #71 – Mixing (part13): Space Designer Plug-in (Convolution Reverb)



Dantallica says:

Wow, the snare sounds SO much different/better than in the previous videos. Is all of that tonal difference due to adding reverb?

Jonathan Ashworth says:

What an awesome set of videos! Thanks man – just spent all day going through these and taking notes. You answered soooo many of my questions. Can’t thank you enough.

yozpay ozpay says:

Thx for fucking up my ears intro music

berherbi says:

very good tutorial , top quality, thx B

MiKEY SANZ says:

8:39 what does the resonance control do? what is that?

Fred Pilcher says:

Excellent tutorial, as always! 🙂 Thanks!

seanl3s says:

this may be a stupid question but im still learning lol
when i try to automate some features of the space designer I see a drop down list of the usual options like wet, dry, filter etc… but using the reverse mode there is an option to pull down the ramp time and it makes a really hard hitting effect which i really liked for my track but I couldnt find the option in the list to automate that feature, it was in the density display known as ramp time. I tried assigning that particular function to a cc but even in latch mode doing live automation it wouldn’t work. Does this make sense? lol if it does can you tell me am I limited when it comes to automation for the space designer. 
Thanks, your tutorials are awesome.

Tim Stevens says:

This series has helped me so much. “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough, but thank you anyway.

MiKEY SANZ says:

what about all the way to the left ? stereo, mono, X Stereo? i have a good assumption of the first two are lol but idk what x stereo is

Ted Tunnicliffe says:

Your videos are superb. I really have the impression, now that I have most of them, that I can go to an engineer and ask! On any point at all concerning Logic Pro. Thank you so much – clear, precise and very competent.

Muzo5628 STEIN says:

I’ve time on hands to resume these excellent Logic X Tech Tutorials: Sub-masters/mix. I feel they offer great insight for the stage I’ve now reached: post-recording. FANTASTIC SESSIONS!

Tsedek Ogun says:

Why would anyone buy 3rd party reverb?

Enrico Granzotto says:

thank you Josh!

i watched your videos so many times and i learned so much from you! even if we didn’t meet each other (and probably it won’t happen in the future) you’re becoming my best friend! thanks and greetings from Italy

Grayson Kemp says:

I only have 2 presets under the “Large Spaces” preset… I got a good one in mind but I can’t find it

MiKEY SANZ says:

11:39 when you said “add a separate reverb” did you mean to say “add a separate EQ”?

peekpen says:

how do you pull up Space Designer in Logic?

Jakub Jeziorski says:


Tim Padrick says:

I’d have liked a better sounding kit, and longer verbs.

kashifbilgrami says:

the ending was like ice cream

LAstudio8 says:

Great video!
I have a question- Is it possible to play a guitar through Logic Pro X, and listen to the revert while going in? Or are the effects only heard on playback after the guitar is recorded?

Patrik Mustelin says:

Hi, Thanx for your awesome tutorials. I have a little problem with my filter envelope. My init level and end level doesn’t have the frequency range 20-20000. Its range is between 0.1-1.0 hz. Is this some kind of settings or do you know why? It’s really annoying when trying to create an envelope.

Micah Greaney says:

Wow! That ending blew my mind. That opens up so many possibilities for Ambience! And that’s been one area of my music that I’ve been struggling with.

white floss says:

the intro music…waga waga

January James says:

i don’t have these presets? where do i find them?

Brian Mikula says:

My IR start is disabled any idea why?

Basementrecords 54 says:

The Impulse Response-Drag and Drop thing……Its f…… amazing!!!!! As i saw it, im breathless.. so easy with the Piano- Synth thing,but Sounds Great!!! i have to say thank you so much for the Logic Pro Tutorial Series!! i do Logic Tutorials by myself in German, and your Tutorials inspired me Many times!!
U do a Great Job!!!!!! Thank you!!

– MusicTechHelpGuy, best Tutorial Chanel i have ever seen!! –

Greetings from Hamburg,Germany,



Erick Machado says:

Thank you so much for this videos bro!

Kalle Laakso says:

The reverse option of Space Designer stopped working all of a sudden. It doesn’t reverse the signal at all although the display shows as if it was reversed. Is there something I’m not aware about? It worked fine until now…

Erik Lauri Kulo says:

I was a bit taken aback by this plugin before, because I didn’t understand how it worked at all. And before this video I had absolutely no idea what an impulse response was. So thanks, especially for the last part with the piano!

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