Logic Pro X – Alchemy Tutorial – PART 1 – Getting Started, Simple Controls, Browser


SirMalikCobra says:

Nevermind I had a copy of a 4 bar region on track 1 and had that track strip open instead of track 2. That’s why I couldn’t automate. Thanks…

ellisberg says:

Dude! You are amazing. Thank you! Seriously, Apple should be paying you for all your tutorials on Logic Pro.

Branden S. says:

you’re awesome!



Vance Tenort says:

A little help please: When I designate C1 as the octave to control the snapshots 1-8, none of the keys in that octave play. But every key outside of the octave above and below plays fine. The octave I set does control the snapshots but there is no input to the track when I play the key. I set the octave to Off and every key plays again. Why is that? Thanks in advance.

Prod BayB says:

dose it matter if i put sound quality at draft when I make song, and turn it to ultra before mix, and bounce in place ? can it be best quality?

Sainntset Music says:

Thanks for making these videos man. Very clutch.

Von Brady says:

hey man I have alchemy downloaded and I’ve downloaded the additional sounds, but no matter what, whenever I try to play some sounds in alchemy it doesn’t make any noise. What’s the issue with it?

Robert Davidson says:

You’re a great trainer. Take out the “umms”.

Pop Danish says:

When I press as hard as I can on certain sounds there’s a wobble at the end. HOW DO U TURN THIS OFF. It’s so annoying

Geir Thollefsen says:

Thanks for teaching ! – really useful for a rookie … 🙂 Very Good teaching skills

Lou Ross says:

These tutorials are awesome, thank you. Have you done one on how to control Alchemy with an external keyboard? I cannot get it to work at all. Seems like it should be simple but no dice. Thanks.

MiKEY SANZ says:

dude thank you so much for making these tutorials and making them free. you are SOOOO important to the Logic community.

HAUNEO says:

Idk but.. mine has only sub category, genre and timbre under BROWSER.. can you tell me why

Alicia Fillmore says:

my browse window isn’t working I have to use the factory default drop down window can you help?

Praveen Somarathne says:

Fantastic! Thank you!

Ernest Fuentes says:

The discussion of using Key Switches to Morph between Snapshots/Zones/Scenes at about 17′ was great. Thanks

Max Malady says:

on alchemy I’ve have dowloaded all of the sound library but no library of sounds is shown, used to work but not anymore please help

SirMalikCobra says:

You have to change volume to what to record overlap that effect?

robbe claes says:

God I constantly have the feeling I owe this guy money or something… such quality teaching for free, this shit should be illegal.

Vdrum Tips says:

Your videos are great. I learned so much. Looking forward to see the next one.

Christian Lewis says:

Great video dude!

abdullah sharaf says:

I really appreciate what you are doing. It’s a big help. Thank you so much

M A R T ï N says:

hello, I have a very strange problem. Every time I insert my MIDI Keyboard into my laptop and a track from my project changes its Alchemy settings. This is really annoying cause it changes the whole sound of the instrument and it makes it extremely difficult to bring the exact same sound the back in Alchemy. Is there any way I could prevent this?

Appreciate it

Georgia Bell says:

Thankyou for your tutorial. I was just wondering, can I use my keyboard on my laptop to work Alchemy or would I need to purchase a Midi Keyboard?

Adith Biswas says:

you are the real teacher

Alux says:

your facing Awesome for doing the Alchemy Tutorial. I needed it.. It was laid out really odd for a synth. Nothing like The Legend or Sylenth1 or Dune.. I needed some help navigating… Ill follow all your tutorials.. And you helped me a bit with Logic in this as well with layering the synth because I just switched my DAW and from PC to Mac.. Its bee tough.. Im a month in…

SirMalikCobra says:

I have alot of cpu should I be hearing those artifacts and cracking or is that part of the sound when you switch from snap shot to snap shot?

GCash76 says:

How do you record multiple tracks with alchemy if you’re using a drum machine how do I set the midi channels

Jose Riera says:


Channel Restarted says:

Can some one send me a copy of the alchemy plug in pls

rico wetem says:

how do i open that menu he’s on?

Jethro Jasney says:

Hey i only have 98 sounds in my library and you have 3,000…why’s that?

Sam Talkers says:

The pads aren’t making and sounds when I double click

Steve Synan says:

Holy shitburgers! Thanks for providing all this incredibly useful information! When I first heard all the raving about Alchemy I thought “It’s just a stinkin’ plugin! How complex could it really be!?” but then after watching a few of your tutorials my first thought was “Oh…”. SO MANY possibilities. I can’t even begin to scratch the surface of the surface with something like this, but at least you have provided me some sort of starting point. I’m a complete newb and there’s already years worth of knowledge to be gained here! Thanks again for helping to bring complete newbs like myself into the fold!

Lydianstream says:

Great job…as a teacher and youtube presenter I really appreciate the lightness of presentation clarity of material and and humour…only good stuff

Tetes says:

Just what i need. thanks so much.

germacam says:

how exactly can I play chords and switch snapshots at the same time?

Marvin says:

hello my friend. we meet again. just watched to whole Logic Pro series. now I’m gonna watch this series. #MusicTechHelpGuy4President!

Lance S says:

Do you know a way to play a single note on a pad and have it sustain indefinitely until the next single note played? Like the Latch function of an arpeggiator, but for a single droning note. Amazing tutorial, thanks man!

Beats of Bhakti says:

Hey man love your videos, just discovered this. Amazing. I have a question…

In regards to the control modulation, what is the different between just moving them and using the control 1-8???

Can’t get my head around that…

Tarundeep Singh says:

Help me ! All my instrument plugins are unable to load the custum presets even alchemy is unable to locate the sounds even when i have downloaded the alchemy sound library.

Mad Erik says:

Great tutorial. But tell me; how do you keep from going into a transcendental state while playing with the Alchemy parameters so much that you don’t get any real music made?

Isaac James says:

im opening alchemy and i dont have as many sounds as you do, is there something i have to do first?


hi can u tell us litle idea about how did produce ur intro music…….it asm?

Jim Panse says:

These videos are so helpful and hands-on! Please help support MusicTechHelpGuy on Patreon guys. I do too. A few bucks for us, a big support for him.

MultiKingFox says:

24.23 is me on the toilet.

OxygenSoundStudios says:

Another great Tutorial from MusicTechHelpGuy! What a legend!

Jammin Sam says:

the chords sounds like rhubarb by aphex twin

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