Logic Pro X “Best Kept Secret”

Apple Certified Trainer Peter Dudley shows you the quickest way to create a MIDI region containing notes. There is no mention of this workflow shortcut in the Logic Pro X documentation.


Pede Meyer says:


PeteBuchwald says:

Auughhh …. you can’t use an external midi keyboard!!!! That is stoopid.

Mike G says:

Thank You this is helpful.

OJ Music says:

Very useful thanks!

Charles Graham says:

Touch of brill thanks

No Mercy says:

great!! thanks

abdul rashid says:

Very informative

Sam Coronel says:


Ben Walters says:

I would not pin this as “Logic’s best kept secret”.

The keyboard shortcuts for manipulating events in the matrix editor on the other hand, actually useful.

Magnificent Electromagnetic Galaxy Funkchild says:


Jenalgo says:

Logic’s best kept secret is that it’s a pile of shite.

djruinerdotcom says:

How is the step input keyboard a secret?

Jiminy H. Criquet says:

this is beautiful. thank you

Robdrums Studios says:

Thank you 😉

ali vann says:

great vid. love it short and simple. thanks

mikemacdt1 says:

Here’s a thought. Why not learn how to actually play an instrument?

stephen yeboah says:

the best logic trainer he taught me everything i know about logic,cubase etc since atari days hi pete this is stephen

R Munch says:

Blah. I just hit record and create a midi-track. Cool feature with the chromatic, but seriously not the best kept secret.

Harry Hockjne says:

This was very interesting. Never seen this before, and it’ll come in useful for me.
Also, your voice is very relaxing 😀

Kirk Forchetti says:

Very Helpful little tip. I really like how you will target one specific task and then teach it in an under 4 minute video. It’s hard to go through long tutorials, so these little videos which get to the point and have valuable information is great. Plus, you can make a lot more of them yourself! Very great advice – Thanks!

scenario27 says:

Great, thanks

Zé Neto Planeta Zen says:


no thought says:

Nice. Thanks for sharing

John Graves says:

How did you get the notes and rests across the top of the keyboard?

G_ _T says:

Nice! Thx

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